More Breathing and Meditation for ME/CFS: ‘The Complete Breath’ and ‘The Collecting Mental Energy Visualisation’

  The complete breath is a more advanced technique based on deep breathing and should not be attempted until you are comfortable with the deep breathing practise.  I first learned this practise at T’ai Chi classes where it was called 3 compartment breathing and later discovered the overlap with yogic breathing. The complete breath is … Read more

Deep Breathing and Blue Sky Meditation for ME/CFS

Here are another couple of breathing and meditation practices taken from my book. Deep breathing is the foundation stone for relaxation and can be a very useful skill to employ at times of stress and anxiety. It is also the basis for more complex breathing exercises such at the complete breath and rhythmic breathing which … Read more

ME/CFS: How Acceptance and Hope Coexist

Following on from last week’s theme of acceptance I want to explore the concept of hope. I believe that it is possible to reach an acceptance of a long term debilitating illness whilst retaining hope that one day your health and quality of life will improve significantly. Hope and acceptance are not mutually exclusive. In … Read more