ME/CFS and Positive Reframing

A very important aspect of living a happy life despite a chronic illness, is to challenge any negative ways that you think about the illness and how it affects you. Quite simply it’s about choosing to think positively. Obviously, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Nobody can be positive all of the time, sometimes … Read more

The Multiple Facets of ME/CFS and What They Mean for Self-help

One of the reasons this illness seems so difficult to investigate and treat is the fact that it affects many different but interrelated systems in our body. Each individual is likely to have different extents of disturbances in the different systems. In some cases attempts to tackle one of the systems can impact negatively on … Read more

ME/CFS and Getting the Most from Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Disappointed by the conventional medical profession many people with ME/CFS turn to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), often with the hope of finding a complete cure. People who have the money often spend thousands chasing the elusive cure jumping from one promise to another, perhaps just about receiving enough benefit to keep hope alive. Others … Read more