ME/CFS: Cultivating Happiness through Loving-kindness Meditation

  This time of year can often make us feel even more pressured by the expectations involved in living a ‘normal’ life. It’s a time that should be all about loving and giving, but our exhaustion can leave us feeling that we have nothing left to give. However, I believe that a little bit of … Read more

ME/CFS: A Personal Epiphany

For a while I’ve been struggling with the nagging feeling that, despite all that I think I know about how to deal with this illness, I’m missing something important. I’ve been back in England a year now and comparing my health with how it was when I first got back, I see that my condition, … Read more

Basic Self-healing Meditations for ME/CFS

I practise self-healing meditation every day. I choose to believe that we are all a part of a universal field of energy and that we have the ability to influence this field. I believe that a meditative state can reconnect us to this energetic level of existence and allow us to consciously exert an influence. … Read more