ME/CFS and Keeping Expectations Open and Positive

This week I’ve been lucky enough to have a good week. I went for a lovely 2-mile walk on my day off which is just about my limit at the moment. The weather was lovely, there were some really pretty views of the Shropshire countryside and altogether it was a very uplifting experience. Later that … Read more

ME/CFS and GCSE Year

Today’s post is dedicated to Sam who left this comment on one of my previous posts: What would your advice be to someone my age (15),16 in February doing their last year of school with GCSE exams coming up? I’ve suffered with M.E/CFS for almost 7 years and this year has been my best. Although … Read more

A tree turning yellow in autumn

ME/CFS and Season Change

I find this time of year particularly difficult. The transition from summer to autumn always seems to have a negative impact on my symptoms.  It is something I have learned to accept. As with any extra pressure on my functioning, I always try to cut back on my activity and save more of my energy … Read more