ME/CFS and Movement/Exercise

For many people with ME/CFS exercise is seen as a dirty word. However I believe it is a very important part of illness management. Movement and exercise help maintain good circulation, making sure oxygen and essential nutrients get to all our cells, and toxins and waste products are removed. Our lymphatic system which is an … Read more

ME/CFS and Self-Love

Optimising our health when we have this condition takes an awful lot of care and attention. We need to learn to assess our daily energy levels, keep within those daily limits, pace ourselves, eat healthily often avoiding certain foods, pay attention to our sleeping habits, include safe and effortless movement/exercise in our daily routine and … Read more

ME/CFS and Injury

Although this illness means I am no longer capable of taking part in the pursuits that used to increase my risk of injury (skiing, snowboarding, hiking on rough ground etc.) I found out this week that I’m not altogether immune. A simple slip on a friend’s stairs resulted in a twisted ankle and a bump … Read more