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You might already be aware that I’m in the process of setting myself up in business as a life coach. A really important aspect of this business is that I will be working from home using the internet. This means that I will be able to make my working life fit within the limits of my condition.

I think many of us could pay a more productive role in society if only we didn’t have to fit into the boundaries of formal working life. If we could stop and rest when we needed to; if there was no time pressure and no stress; if we could only take on what we felt we could comfortably do within the limitations placed upon us by our condition.

I’m very interested in setting up my business as a social firm. This involves providing employment opportunities for people who are disadvantaged in the work place.  I am one of those people, but it would also be great to be able to pay other people with ME/CFS or similar chronic illness for the help that I need when I need it. Our energy is used most efficiently when we are doing something that we enjoy and find easy. It’s wasteful of our energy to expend it struggling with things that don’t really suit us. I’ll be able to look after my energy better if I employ people with the special skills I need rather than wastefully use it trying to be a jack of all trades! In keeping with another characteristic of a social firm, I will also be hoping to share a proportion of my profits with ME/CFS charities.

I recently became a follower on twitter of another ME/CFS survivor (@KernowVirtual) who has set herself up in business as a virtual assistant. This sounds like a wonderful service to me and I will definitely be considering her at any time my administrative tasks threaten efficient use of my energy. I’m also really keen to find a tech advisor, somebody who can help me set up my website and advise me on the software that will best meet the needs of my internet based business. I’m still a couple of months away from being able to employ anyone but please get in touch if you’re interested. My aim is to contract people who need the flexibility of an understanding employer to do things that they love and make their contribution to the world. It will also be an aim of my coaching, to help people with ME/CFS find a way of contributing whilst sustainably doing things that they love to do.

It also occurred to me that it would be great to set up a network for ‘spoonie’ skills sharing. A place where we could all offer what we are able to do and match up with people who need those services and are prepared to be friendly to the needs of the chronically ill employee/contractor.  Unfortunately setting something like this up alone is beyond the scope of my energy limits. However, if anyone wants to run with the idea please feel free or get in touch if you’d like to collaborate with me in some way:

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  1. I think you’re absolutely right in that we could all try to be successful at something we can work from home towards! There are so many of us who are unable to work in a workplace environment and it is important for our self esteem as well as to try and earn a living to be able to do something productive. I began to write when I realised I’d never be able to return to my job and although I’m not making a living from my books as yet that is my aim. I wish you every success with your venture and I’ll follow your tweets.

    • Hi Pheonix, I’m so sorry I missed you comment and am so late responding. Writing is great for fitting around this condition and doing at home. I wish you every success and hope that you’ll be soon making a living from your books!

  2. Great minds really do think alike don’t they J! I love this blog. My new Spoonie Entrepreneur Facebook group is for those of us who are trying to look outside the box and create ways to earn an income, while also managing our respective illnesses. It’s also a place where I want people to feel safe to talk about making money with their passions. If Phoenix is getting notifications for this I’d love you to contact me re our new Spoonie Entrepreneur group. I’ll try to link to it here, but at this stage, as it’s so new I’ve got it as a Secret group. If I can’t post a link, please feel free to email and I’ll add you to the group. (This is the link – if it works!

    I really love the idea of creating a network of spoonie skills sharing & would be willing to look at setting something up with you. Will email.

    Again, great blog & thanks for sharing it!



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