Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation Foundation Skills for Overcoming Chronic Illness

Thursdays and Mondays for 4 weeks from 7th Jan 2016

In this intensive course you’ll learn how to establish a regular practice and develop the meditation, mindfulness and relaxation skills that will promote your healing and improve your illness management. With this code the first 12 people to register will get a 33% discount: JJ6QY39Q

As well as the twice weekly live classes the course includes access to ongoing support through a private facebook group.

For more details: (registration takes a few minutes so please do so in advance of the first class!)

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You can watch my FREE introduction class if you would like to find out more about how these skills can bring you better sleep and  reduced stress, anxiety and pain! Or check out my testimonials page to see what previous students got out of the course!

Here’s what they would say to a friend considering the course:

‘If you’re thinking about doing this course I’d say ‘don’t miss the opportunity, it is really helpful and rewarding!‘ Lorraine

‘I would highly recommend taking this course.’ Ana

‘If this course sounds like something that appeals to you, please try it out, it is fun to work with a supportive group and Julie is a great, warmth bringing teacher.’ Al Ma

‘Dear friend, take Julie’s course. It’s the best guided meditation course I’ve ever found. Ever’ Rebecca

1 thought on “Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation Foundation Skills for Overcoming Chronic Illness”

  1. ‘I took this course looking for positivity; a way out of feeling so stuck; a different attitude towards my illness and increased confidence. It met all my expectations. I’m beginning to feel a bit clearer in my head, calmer and a bit more sociable and I’m feeling more positive about the future. The breathing techniques and visualisations result in me feeling less tense and a bit more awake and alert and the mindfulness practice has helped me to notice my thoughts more.
    The best part of the course has been how the social aspect has been great for my sense of isolation. I’ve also really enjoyed the daily meditation practice and there’s been plenty of helpful and practical advice.
    If you’re considering taking this course I would say ‘Just do it!’ Julie is a calm and friendly teacher with a nurturing attitude.’ Angela, UK


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