FREE class: Introduction to Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation for Chronic Illness

Want to take back more control from your illness, to live a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life? Join me on Wednesdaty  30th March, 4pm UK time (11am EDT) for my FREE online class. Find out why these practices can be so powerful in terms of experiencing optimum health and happiness and get some tips on overcoming the kinds of ‘meditation disability’ that many chronic illness warriors often struggle with. We’ll also be having some fun with a live chocolate meditation!

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Additional Information
Please bring along a piece of chocolate to take part in the chocolate meditation
Here’s what people have said about the class when I’ve run it before:
‘This class was a wonderful venue for becoming familiar with mindful meditation. And for those who are familiar there was the opportunity to learn something new. It is not only an informative class but Julie kept it interesting and fun as well. The interacting with Julie and all attendees was excellent and we were able to learn together and from one another. Well done!’ Kim
‘I enjoyed the class and thought that Julie did a really good job’ Ferdi
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the class and found it included quite some information regarding how Meditation and Mindfulness can help in living a better life despite chronic illness, and it was full with tips and personal hands on experience to start mastering the contents. Julie was very helpful and took learners into account, involving us in the class and creating a nice atmosphere. Loved the chocolate meditation! Thanks’ Ana

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