8 Steps Group Coaching Program

Starts Monday 7th November 11.30 am CET (10.30am UK)

In this 12 week group coaching program you will be guided through the 8 steps to taking back control from energy limiting chronic illness for a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life.

This extremely effective program offers all the benefits of coaching at a fraction of the price as well as the support of a group of people who will understand what you are going through!

This is just a little of what clients who have taken this program have experienced:

Decreased anxiety, increasing calmness; more in control and less overwhelmed; more confidence and self-compassion;  a more positive outlook; an increasing sense of happiness; better equipped to deal with daily challenges; sense of moving forward; more relaxed; cry less; happier; more contented; more appreciative; more acceptance.

I’d love to help you with all that and much more too! Check out my testimonials page to find out more!

The program is split into two sets of 6 weeks with 2 weeks off for the festive holidays in between. The total cost will be only $249 broken into one payment of $149 and another of $100. However I will be offering huge discounts to the people who attend (or watch the recordings) of my FREE workshops this week:

The introductory workshop listing the goals of each of the 8 steps:

And the first step about creating a vision that will safely motivate you forwards:

There are only 12 places on this program which will run a maximum of 3 times a year so make sure you don’t miss out and register NOW!

Messages from previous group members

‘If you’re considering this program, I’d say Just do it! In my experience this course is so superior to whatever the NHS currently has to offer.’ Angela

‘I thought the 8 steps group programme was excellent. It met all my expectations and more.’ Julie

‘I have been on numerous courses supplied by the NHS and by ME and FMS specialist units, and have paid privately to see a counsellor, and read loads of books, but this course has been by far the most helpful of them all.’ Rhoda

‘If you are considering this program, I’d say ‘don’t hesitate as you won’t regret it’ Jane

‘I highly recommend this new 8 step programme…IT has been the Best Single Step I have taken’ Treasa

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