Updating my affirmations

In the last year or two I’ve become a big fan of affirmations. I’ve had some amazing results with them, particularly in how they help me approach life with a more open and positive frame of mind. By helping me open up to a more positive mindset I’ve seen opportunities that I wouldn’t have seen … Read more

Live Q&A session

Monday 25th Sept 4pm UK (5pm CEST, 11am EDT) Would you like to pick my brains as a coach, or ask me anything about self-help for energy limiting chronic illness? Here’s a chance to get support with whatever you might be struggling with at the moment and learn from others dealing with similar challenges. I will … Read more

Refinding Presence

A few weeks ago, I lost my balance. I was doing extra work in the local shop to cover a colleague’s holiday, and I didn’t cut back enough on my business work. In order to keep on top of the all the work I felt I had to do, I let go of some of … Read more