Giving My Gut Permission to Heal

Last week my attention was caught by a Daily Om Facebook post advertising a course ‘reinventing the body, resurrecting the soul’ based on Deepak Chopra’s book of the same name. I’m a big fan of Deepak Chopra and it occurred to me that perhaps I could take my healing to the next level through practising his preaching with more commitment. As the course was only €21 I decided it was worth investing.

Although the concepts of the first couple of lessons haven’t been new to me the exercises have helped them take a more important place in my awareness.

One thing I’ve realised is that I have a kind of limiting belief around my gut imbalances. I’ve experienced food intolerances for 8 years now and have eliminated so many foods with only limited success. I aim to be Gluten Free, Sugar free, yeast free, low lactose, low FODMAP, low carb. My intolerance to sugar means there is very little fruit I can get away with eating. Being vegetarian (for over 30 years) complicates things too. Paleo diets and FODMAP diets are not designed for vegetarians. So, although I do have a diet that many would consider extremely healthy, I never feel as though I am sticking well enough to the extremely strict diet I think I should be eating in order to heal my gut. I don’t give myself a hard time over this, I’ve let go of pushing to get things right, I’ve understood the importance of being at peace in order to create a healing environment, but I’ve held on to a belief that gives the wrong message to my cells:

‘It’s too hard, it’s too complicated, I can do my best to manage it, but I’ll probably never get it right. Nothing I do gets further than settling things down slightly.’

Not only does this belief communicate to my cellular chemistry that I expect it to continue at it is, it also gives me more excuses not to stick to the diets if they’re not going to work anyway!

Today I chose to give my gut permission to heal

Today I choose to believe that my gut flora can sort itself out even without the perfect diet. I choose to support it as well as I can without bringing tension and stress into my organism. I choose to believe that will be enough.

This week I am reinforcing this belief in my daily meditations:  I imagine a warm bright light energising and protecting my healthy gut microbes, allowing them to regain balance and control. Each time I sit down to eat I imagine that everything I eat (no matter what it is), nurtures my gut health.

I also plan on updating my affirmations to reinforce my belief that my gut can and will heal itself!

Do you have any limiting beliefs that communicate to your body an expectation of staying in a state of ill-health? How could you let them go?

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2 thoughts on “Giving My Gut Permission to Heal”

  1. This was eye-opening to me, Julie. I think I’ve been thinking that my gut will always be upset, no matter what I do. I like your affirmations and the visual. thanks for sharing.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been doing a similar thing: when I sit down to eat, I bless the food and accept it, and eat it with love and the feeling that it is going to help my body. I’ve really helped my IBS symptoms that way.


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