Gluten Free Chestnut Roast (V)

This is what I’ll be having for my Christmas lunch this year. It’s been a favourite of mine for several years now! It’s gluten free and lactose free if you use lacto-free cheese or miss the cheese out altogether. It’s all done in the blender too, so very low energy prep, especially if you buy … Read more

Unrest: A film You Want Everyone Who Doesn’t Have a Misunderstood, Underfunded Chronic Illness to See!

About 10 days ago my parents and I braved the snow and went to see Jenifer Brea’s award-winning documentary ‘Unrest’ at a showing in a local church hall. Unfortunately, the next day I was hit by a viral crash and I had to abandon my attempt to write the review I’d planned because I simply … Read more

The Alternative Spoonie Gift Guide

Personally, I don’t particularly like receiving gifts. Partly because I move between two bases. Carrying things and storing things is always a problem, so I really prefer to have as few things as possible to worry about. I’m also very concerned about the environment, and the energy, water consumption and pollution involved in modern manufacturing … Read more