A New Years Resolution to Make the World a Better Place!

This year I’m making a very powerful resolution and I’d like to inspire you all to do the same. I think it’s a natural impulse within all of us to want to make a positive contribution; to have a purpose; but when we have a chronic illness we can feel so powerless. When just getting through the day can be such a trial how can we possibly add an extra burden of trying to make the world a better place?

First of all, I want to be clear that the last thing I want is to add a burden to anybody who has a chronic illness. However, I truly believe that there are many tiny ways that we can contribute to a better world that don’t require effort or striving. I also believe that if each of us does what we can no matter how small we will be making a difference and all those differences add up.

This year as well as doing what I can personally, I also want to share my strategies and help you feel good about what you can and already are doing to make the world a better place, making sure that it never becomes a burden or takes anything out of you.

10  Easy Tips for Making a Better World!

  1. Awareness of gentle intention

All we really need to do to take part in changing the world is keep it in mind. We only need a gentle intention in our awareness that we want to contribute in any small way we can that does us no harm, then to allow ourselves to do only what feels good and right in any given moment.

  1. Healing yourself means healing the world

We are all connected, when you take good care of yourself you are offering that caring to the world at large. If you do nothing else this year you can help change the world by kindly and compassionately working on your own healing.

  1. All you need is Love

You have a great power to change the world through love. Love doesn’t have to be expressed through energy expensive actions to be effective, it’s all in the amount of attention your pay to it. Be mindful to the joy of spending time with your loved ones. Silently wish everyone you meet happiness, joy and laughter. Spend a little time before you go to sleep bringing somebody to mind and imagining them being happy, healthy and experiencing the wonderful feeling of being loved.

  1. Take care with your attention

Pay attention to the good that is happening in the world and share it with others. Pay attention to the moments when your health is improving and let your body know that you expect more of these moments. Pay attention to the little moment of joy and share them with others. If, as quantum physics suggest, we really can create more of what we pay most attention to, just think about how big a part we could play in changing the world simply by paying more attention to the positives we can find!

  1. Be yourself

Let go of what others might expect from you and be true to yourself. Each of us have unique gifts to share, even when limited by chronic illness, but we can only do that if we allow ourselves to be just as we are in the moment. Any attempt to moderate who you are to fit in, uses your energy wastefully and prevents you from shining your true light.

  1. Get creative

Creativity is a bit like fitness. Practice being creative in one way and your natural creativity will flow more easily. Find some creative pursuit that you enjoy and do it regularly and you will find yourself opening up to your own true and natural expression of what you have to offer.

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness

Not only will these practices give you more control over your healing (and thus the healing of the world) but they will also give you more control over how you are with others. The more positive an impact you have on others the more likely they will be in a good mood and thus behave better with those whom they come in to contact with, so your positivity can ripple out to affect many more people than you could imagine!

  1. Minimise your toxic load

Replacing chemical household products with more environmentally respectful versions not only helps the planet but will also give your body a much better chance of find a way to heal. Aim to maximise fresh locally grown whole foods and minimise processed and packaged food. (Remember not to let this become a pressure, just and intention to do what you can when you can!)

  1. Purchasing power

Pay attention to the ways you spend your money. It is the ultimate power. Greedy CEO’s will be kinder to the planet if we show them that that’s how we want to spend our money. Buy local and minimise your carbon foot print. Reduce, recycle, reuse.

  1. Share and support

Share your ideas. Support others to be themselves and offer their unique gifts. Listen with care and compassion.

I’ll be expanding on may of these themes over the next few weeks in my blog and my Facebook live broadcasts. And if you are feeling inspired to help save the world through a life of purpose and healing watch out for my new membership program coming very soon!

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2 thoughts on “A New Years Resolution to Make the World a Better Place!”

  1. I would love to incorporate all of these suggestions into how I live my life this year. Thank you for offering such thoughtful and simple ideas.

  2. Some great tips and reminders here! We do need to pay more attention to what’s really going on within and around us. Wishing you a meaningful and peaceful new year!


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