5 Day Mindful Eating Challenge

How you eat can have as big an impact on your gut health as what you eat! This challenge is all about developing a habit that supports good digestion.

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How this challenge can help you:

  • Part of this challenge will be about helping you engage the parasympathetic nervous system when you sit down to eat so that your body can send appropriate resources to digestion.
  • By making sure we are present to the experience of eating we are also giving our body a message about what it needs to be focusing on
  • The challenge will help you slow down your eating, this will not only make it more enjoyable but you’ll be more likely to chew your food better and predigest it more effectively.
  • Being more present to the eating experience may also help you make better choices about what you eat
  • And you’ll get a chance to enter a raffle for a 4 session coaching pack to get even more intensive support to create a life that you love!
Image courtesy of pixabay.com

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