Taking Care with Your Attention: Making the World a Better Place 4

This is the 4th in a series of posts, expanding on how easy it can be to contribute to making the world a better place even if you have a chronic illness. Tip 1 focused on how it’s as simple as having an intention and then being extremely permissive about following it. Tip 2 was about how working on your own healing you are also contributing to healing the world. Tip 3 was all about how easy it is to make a difference through love.

Tip 4 is mostly based on quantum physics and the law of attraction. I have to admit I don’t completely understand the science behind it but everything that I have read about it seems to make sense to me. On top of that I choose to believe, because that faith helps me act in ways that result in my moment to moment happiness. So, in a way, it doesn’t matter so much whether the science is being properly interpreted, what matters is that the interpretation creates positive change in the world.

If it helps, let me share a very brief explanation: At the basis of the science behind this approach are two discoveries, first, that particles behave differently when they are observed and second, that entangled bodies can interact with each other even when separated. Because everything in the universe comes from the same source (the big bang), everything is entangled. So, the physics suggests that we can exert an influence on the universe just by the way we pay it attention. The Law of attraction goes on to state that we attract what we pay attention to. It can be described very simply by the expression: ‘energy flows where attention goes’.

How Positivity Spreads

So, putting aside the law of attraction for a moment, imagine you choose to pay more attention to the positives in life. Even if that didn’t have an energetic influence on the universe, it would result in you feeling happier (ask anyone who’s ever written a gratitude journal). If you were feeling happier you’d be nicer to be around. If you paid less attention to the horrors in the world you’d feel less fear. If you felt less fear you’d be very likely to spread more goodwill amongst those you come into contact with. People who come into contact with you would feel more relaxed and it could ripple out from there.

Note: Paying attention to positivity isn’t about ignoring the difficult feelings that regularly accompany a chronic illness, they need to be acknowledged and accepted with compassion in order to be enabled to flow and change. It’s more about choosing what you pay attention to when you’re not in the grips of an emotional reaction.

Pay attention to better health

I certainly believe in a mind, body connection. Pay attention to what you want to attract in your body and you’ll be giving your body a command for what to focus on. Pay too much attention to being stuck with horrible symptoms and your cellular intelligence will take that as a signal to reinforce the status quo. Whenever I notice myself paying particular attention to something unpleasant about my well-being I decide to replace the thought with 5 breaths focusing my attention on my breath bringing relaxation and healing. I also aim to pay lots of attention to how good I feel on my good days. When I can walk with a sense of lightness and freeness in my body I stay mindful to that feeling, letting my body know I want more of it. So how does this make the world a better place? Simply put the better your health, the more you’ll have to contribute, but on a wider scale. It goes back to tip 2: heal yourself, heal the world!

Pay attention to the good things happening in the world

We see so much bad stuff in the media, that we can feel powerless to be able to make a positive change. Even more so when our energy is substantially limited. However, change can be made by everyone just taking small steps forward. Pay attention to all the good that is happening in the world and you’ll feel more motivated to contribute. Share that with others and they’ll feel more motivated too. And if we believe the law of attraction, we can attract more of that good just by paying it our attention! So, stop watching the news and make sure you only follow people on social media who generally only share good stuff and then share it yourself!  Help others pay more attention to the good in the world too!

Pay attention to those little moments of joy

True happiness is made up of those little moments of joy and appreciation. You don’t need a lot of energy to start to pay attention to the little things in life. And if you share your appreciation of these moments regularly you can teach your nearest and dearest how to be happier too! And as I mentioned before, even without the law of attraction, your happiness (and theirs) can have a positive ripple effect in the world!

Journaling gratitude and achievements

Journaling can be a great attention tool. Journal what you’re grateful for and you’ll start noticing more things that you appreciate. Journal all those little achievements and you’ll start to feel good about how you’re doing, feel happier about how you’re doing and you’ll be more relaxed, if you’re more relaxed you’ll be giving your body a better chance to heal! Heal yourself and you’ll not only have more to give, you’ll also be adding to the healing of the world!

You can contribute to making the world a better place just by being careful what you pay attention toPay attention to this purpose

Finally, pay attention to the fact that by taking care with your attention you are making the world a better place.  Look out for the evidence that you are making a difference, not matter how small! Remember that your attention will attract more of that feeling. Feel empowered by the fact that you are serving an important purpose and it will become easier and easier to choose what you pay attention to; easier and easier to contribute to making the world a better place!

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