Take Back Control from Chronic Illness Group Coaching Program 2018

Starts Wednesday 25th April 5pm CEST (4pm UK, 11am EDT)

In this 26 week group coaching program you will be guided through the 8 steps to taking back control from energy limiting chronic illness for a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life. (Sign up HERE)

This extremely effective program offers all the benefits of individual coaching at a fraction of the price. In fact, after running several groups now, I’m convinced that there is a special magic about the group process; I’ve found being with others on the same path boosts motivation, and there seems to be a knock on effect to the learning. What others put into developing their skills will benefit you too!

These are just a few of the benefits that previous participants of this program have reported:

Decreased anxiety, increasing calmness; more in control and less overwhelmed; more even energy; less brain fog; more confidence and self-compassion;  a more positive outlook; an increasing sense of happiness; better equipped to deal with daily challenges; sense of moving forward; more relaxed; cry less; happier; more contented; more appreciative; more acceptance; more peace,  joy and harmony.

I’d love to help you with all that and much more too! Check out my testimonials page to find out more!

Will you be able to manage it?

I now run this program at a slow and gentle pace to make it easy for anyone to take part. We meet once a week for 26 weeks, alternating teaching sessions with coaching sessions. These sessions will be recorded in case you can’t make one live, and there will be additional options for support should you desire it. The commitment should be manageable whatever you are dealing with. The focus of this program is taking small steps one at a time in a relaxed effortlessness manner. I understand how important it is to avoid any kind of pressure. You will be supported to learn how to take the pressure off yourself and still move forward! And don’t worry about those really low energy days, I know from personal experience that the best way to move forward with those is to kindly and compassionately let things go, making yourself as comfortable as possible while you wait for the worst to pass.

What’s it worth?

I’ll be running the program for a fraction of what it’s worth because I want to make coaching accessible to everybody. I understand that many people with a chronic illness are on a reduced income. This kind of coaching program would usually cost a minimum of €1000 but I’ll only be asking for €232 in total (about US$285 or £203 depending on exchange rates), and you don’t even have to invest it all at once! There will be an initial investment of €87 followed by 5 monthly payments of €29.  There will be no commitment to complete the payments, if you find the program really isn’t for you. But I am confident that you will be getting so much out of it you will want to renew each month!

Get to know me at my FREE workshops

Because I really do want to help as many people as possible I share my 8 steps and even go into detail on the strategies to achieve them, in two FREE workshops. I hope that everybody will be able to take what I share and make important improvements to their health and well-being, but I’m also confident that the support of the group coaching program will get you so much further. Register for the workshops here, don’t worry if you’ve missed them live, they will be recorded and posted to my Facebook page. They’ll also give a better idea about what it’s like to work with me in a group.

There will never be a better time to start to take back control over your health and happiness than right now! And it has never been easier to take it at your own pace than with the my new value packed format! So grab this chance and SIGN UP NOW!

What’s involved?

  • Meet weekly for 26 weeks alternating teaching and coaching sessions
  • 12 workbooks with supporting materials to work through at your own pace
  • Includes 3 weeks of daily guided meditations audios + extra guided relaxation and meditation techniques
  • Also includes ongoing support in a private Facebook community
  • Optional extras: fortnightly support group, monthly workshop and monthly Q&A session
  • Special bonus: 1 x 30 min individual coaching session per month for only $20, that’s less than a third of my cheapest price to non-members of the program! (optional)

What previous participants want you to know if you’re thinking of enrolling:

If you’re considering this program, I’d say Just do it! In my experience this course is so superior to whatever the NHS currently has to offer.’ Angela

I thought the 8 steps group programme was excellent. It met all my expectations and more.”Julie

I have been on numerous courses supplied by the NHS and by ME and FMS specialist units, and have paid privately to see a counsellor, and read loads of books, but this course has been by far the most helpful of them all.’ Rhoda

‘If you are considering this program, I’d say ‘don’t hesitate as you won’t regret it’ Jane

‘I highly recommend this 8 step programme…IT has been the Best Single Step I have taken’ Treasa

This program will open new windows in your head, and will give you springs to be more loving to your body and to yourself. You won’t regret!’ Céline

Don’t even think about it another second, just sign up, you’ll get so much out of it!  Julie and the information she shares is wonderful!’ Sharon

‘If you’re thinking about it: Definitely do this programme – It has essential advice and guidance for a better way forward’ Caroline

‘I would recommend this program to anyone that is struggling with chronic illness, particularly someone who feels isolated and has not found support.  The course is organized well and the pace is flexible. For anyone looking for help, this is the outstanding program you need!’ Dorian

You can check out my testimonials for further information. Rhoda (an ex GP) gave such extensive feedback that I shared it in this blog post.

With my support and with the support of the group, taking the 8 steps will be easy. You will soon be feeling more in control and enjoying a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life. Invest in yourself, you’re worth it!

Feeling inspired? don’t wait, sign up now!

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