Using the dõTERRA Home Essentials Kit in Support of Chronic Illness Management


A couple of weeks ago a wrote a post about how I got involved in being a wellness advocate for dõTERRA. Today I want to share a little more about how I use the oils in the Home Essentials Enrolment Kit to support my well-being as a ME/CFS thriver. Although it is possible to buy dõTERRA products at retail prices without becoming a member, signing up gets you a 25% discount on those prices so it makes sense to become a member. To enrol you can either buy an enrolment kit with even more savings or you can pay an enrolment fee.

I decided on the home essentials enrolment kit because it included a diffuser (which I didn’t have) and several oils that I already used frequently and was running out of. It’s the kit that includes the 10 most popular dõTERRA oils.

6 individual essential oils:

  • Frankincense, lavender, lemon, melaleuca, oregano and peppermint

And 4 of their very own essential oil blends:

  • Breathe, deep blue*, digestzen and onguard

(*5ml bottle, the rest were all 15ml)

I also bought 2 other oils that I use all the time that I was running out of at the time: marjoram and thyme. Although I enjoy making my own blends, I was also curious about the blends in the kit.

There are several ways I use essential oils in my battle to overcome energy limiting chronic illness. Here are the ways I’ve used been using the home essential kit.

Supporting my immune function

For years I’ve been using essential oils as soon as I get up, in my oil burner to tackle airborne pathogens and boost my immune system. My favourite blend has been a drop each of lemon, melaleuca and thyme. I started using this blend in the diffuser instead. As well as the immune boosting properties, lemon is a lovely uplifting smell and great to get you going first thing in the morning.

On guard is the dõTERRA blend designed for immune support. Unfortunately, I have a strange sensitivity to cinnamon, and so have used this blend very sparingly. Occasionally, when I get a sense that I’m fighting an infection indicated by a sore throat and swollen glands, I’ve rubbed the on guard on my throat and I’ve been surprised by how quickly my throat has been soothed. When I don’t feel as though I can tolerate the cinnamon, I use lavender for this instead.

I’ve also mixed my own immune boosting blend with frankincense (10), lemon (10), oregano (5) and melaleuca (5) and taken a drop at a time diluted with olive oil in veg capsule when I feel like I’m fighting an infection.#

Pain relief

I’ve been amazed at how effective deep blue has been on the few recent occasions that I’ve experienced muscle pain either from doing too much or from tension building in my neck and shoulders. I’ve made up a solution filling an empty 10 ml bottle with fractionated coconut oil and then adding 20 drops of the deep blue blend which I massage into the appropriate area when needed.

One drop each of lemon, lavender and peppermint oil works really well in the diffuser when I have a headache, particularly if it has a toxic nature. For tension headaches, I massage diluted deep blue into any neck tension and then use lavender oil on my temples and forehead.

Breathe was a lifesaver when I had a cold, for clearing congestion and relieving that kind of headache.

Relaxation and engaging the parasympathetic nervous system

If you’ve followed my blog at all you’ll be aware that my main approach to self-healing involves engaging my parasympathetic nervous system so that my bodies resources can be directed to healing. Essential oils are so effective at encouraging deep relaxation! For this purpose, I mainly use them in the diffuser or occasionally put a drop in the palm of my hand, cup my hands over my nose and breathe deeply. Lavender is a wonderful oil for this and even more effective when combined with Frankincense.

I was surprised to discover how relaxing ‘breathe’ could be in the diffuser as it contains some oils that I consider to be stimulating. However, it’s relaxing effect is thought to result from encouraging deep relaxed breathing.

A drop of lavender on my pillow at night can also help me sleep. (Marjoram is another great oil for this)

Mood lifting, distraction and helping with the emotional impact

Essential oils can have a profound effect on emotions, especially when inhaled, as the nerves that detect smells link directly to the lymbic system where emotions are processed. For me they are also a treat, something nice to pay attention to when I need to distract from the discomfort of the illness. I use frankincense and lavender when I need peace and calm or if I’m struggling to express myself. Peppermint and/ or lemon are useful when I need uplifting, motivation or help with concentration.

Gut Health

I’ve been using oregano oil diluted with olive oil in a capsule# to help rebalance my gut flora and it works as well as the candida support capsules I was taking before. On the rare occasion that my bloating gets painfully out of hand, drinking a drop of peppermint oil# in some warm water brings almost immediate pain relief. Unfortunately, I found digestzen pretty ineffective, but that’s likely to do with the severity of my gut issues.

Minimizing toxic overload

I believe that ME/CFS involves a difficulty with getting rid of toxins so I do my best to minimise any exposure to toxins. I’ve mixed up my own cleaning solution with vinegar and lemon essential oil to avoid the toxins in cleaning products. I also feel much happier using essential oils for managing my health than medications when I can avoid them.

I like to drink hot water with a slice of lemon in the morning to help me to detox, but when I can’t get hold of organic lemons I now use a drop of lemon oil instead.#

Non-ME/CFS related use of the home essentials kit

There are so many other ways that I use the oils in this kit for my everyday health needs which also contributes to minimising toxic overload! Here are just a few of the most common ways.

  • Aches and pains, pulled muscles and cramp: massage diluted deep blue
  • Allergic skin reactions: lavender diluted in witch-hazel
  • Athletes foot: a blend of 2:1 melaleuca and lavender applied neat with a cotton bud
  • Burns: lavender is just magical! Apply neat after cooling with cold running water
  • Catarrh and colds: inhale/diffuse breathe, and/ or rub diluted onto chest and back
  • Cuts and scratches: either lavender or melaleuca to prevent infection
  • Moles, blemishes and scars: Frankincense applied neat or diluted
  • Mouth ulcers: apply neat peppermint oil with a cotton bud
  • Spots: apply neat melaleuca or lavender with a cotton bud

# Certain dõTERRA oils can be taken internally because they are certified pure therapeutic grade. Before taking any essential oil internally please make sure you have researched its safety and purity.

I started writing this post before I heard about dõTERRA’s April offers. But this month is a great month to sign up. dõTERRA have a points value scheme with their products (loyalty rewards program) but this month, if you sign up with an order worth more than 100PV then you get 50PV to spend on future purchases. You’ll be entitled to this offer if you sign up with the home essentials kit! Contact me and we can arrange a chat if you’re interested! The idea is that you sign up with a wellness consultant to make sure you get all the support you need to get the most out of dõTERRA! I’d be delighted to be your wellness consultant!

Obviously, there is something in it for me too! This month I get 50PV too when anyone signs up with me. Working with dõTERRA means that I get some of my products paid for and I hope one day that it will also supplement my income! Let me know if you think you’d be interested in sharing the products too, I’ll be happy to support you!

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  1. I finished reading this article. It was fantastic. It almost describes me personally as well as my challenges with ME/CFS. PS: I miss dancing too.

    It difficult to explain what I feel because I look fine. You know.

    Thank you for your dedication.

    You have a fan in me.

    God Bless You.


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