FREE Online Workshop: Coping with the Ups and Downs of Fatigue

Monday 9th July (Today!) 10am Pacific; 1pm Eastern; 6pm UK 7pm CEST

Do you struggle to deal with the changing energy levels involved in chronic illness? Do you find you get carried away and do too much when your energy levels are good then suffer misery and low mood as your energy levels plummet again? Do you find it difficult to plan because you never know whether you’ll have the energy to do things or not?

In this months free online workshop I’ll be teaching you how to skillfully deal with the ups and downs of fatigue.

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Previous attendees said:

‘Balance: This class left me feeling more optimistic that I can create a balanced and fulfilling life even through the ups and downs of chronic illness, and I gained a better understanding of how balancing my life in a sustainable way could lead to fewer energy dips’ Hollin

‘so empowering: this is paramount experience. it is so empowering. this workshop is the essence of what is so specific about Julie’s work. really great stuff !! !! !!’ Celine

‘Worth attending: Very clear and helpful tips and advice. Clearly presented and great interaction with the other attendees.’ Caroline

‘Excellent as usual: Another excellent class on dealing with coping with the ups and downs of fatigue. Julie is a fun teacher and very down to earth. She seems to cover all bases and is always able to answer any questions put to her by the participants. Great stuff.’ Jane

ups and downs: The class has helped me especially with understanding and coping with the ups of my condition’ Aditi

‘Coping with the Ups and Downs of Fatigue: Julie Holiday provides numerous insight full tips on how to cope with both the mental and physical challenges of fatigue.’ Karrin

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If you’ve seen this too late or you can’t make it lie and technology permits I’ll be sharing the recording of this workshop on my Facebook page tomorrow.

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