FREE 5 day challenge: Boost your Belief, Maximise your Motivation

Starts  again Monday 3rd September

Are you motivated to do what it takes to be as happy and healthy as you could be?

Improving our health and creating a life that we love involves a willingness to show up consistently with our self-care and keep on taking the next tiny step forward

This 5 day challenge is for you if:

  • You struggle to do what you know could help
  • You don’t quite believe in your power to make change
  • You just can’t seem to prioritise your self-care
  • Your belief and motivation could do with a boost

Ready to change all that?  Join me on Monday for a 5 day kick-starter to Boost your Belief and Maximise your Motivation!

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What previous participants said:

”I joined this challenge because I was experiencing an m.e. set back and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to refocus on my health.

I’ve enjoyed this week. It didn’t take me where I expected. I expected to develop my motivation to be more functional. Instead I’ve found that I need to work on mental peace to heal, before I develop anything else.

I think what I gained was a fresh perspective on my approach to my self-care. I will try to be more chilled and take small moments to work on being more peaceful. ”  Laura

 ”I decided to join this challenge knowing my belief in healing completely after 10 years is shaky and thinking that right now my acceptance of the way it is and finding peace in that is more important. I wanted to see if I had that right or needed to change tack and I know that Julie always provides great learning opportunities whatever the topic.

I expected to be told I should drop the peace in the moment and focus on a healed and ‘back to normal’ future. Instead I discovered great evidence that I can answer my own questions and trust the answers for my next steps. I got to spend time focused on myself and listening to my body and I discovered how to let go of striving and disbelief and peacefully and easily find my next step.”  Lorraine

‘I have gained some valuable insights from the 5 days and it has been an interesting and worthwhile exercise.’  Angela

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