oil pulling

My Week of Essential Oil Use with a Spotlight on Oil Pulling

Although I have many habits and routines that involve essential oils, every day is different depending on how I’m feeling that particular day, and what my body needs. Many of the uses involve natural solutions to every day issues, rather that specific chronic illness support. However, I feel happier that using natural solutions is minimising … Read more

Sunset moment of joy

How to Let Go of Where You Want to Be and Still Be Motivated!

I think one of the most difficult things to do that will bring us happiness and health is to let go of where you want to be. When you’re suffering you want to do what you can to no longer be suffering; you desperately want to be in that place of not suffering. Unfortunately though, … Read more

Do You Believe?

Recently I was reminded of the importance of my beliefs in terms of my well-being. What we believe has an enormous influence over our experience. First of all, if we don’t fully believe in the benefits of an action we’re unlikely to be very motivated to take that action. But did you know that our … Read more