Introduction to Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation for Chronic Illness

Free Online Workshop Monday 1st October

10am Pacific; 1pm Eastern; 6pm UK; 7pm CEST


Want to take back more control from chronic illness? Would you like to be living a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life?  Join me on Monday and find out why these practices can be so powerful in terms of experiencing optimum health and happiness. I’ll also be offering tips on overcoming the kinds of ‘meditation disability’ that many chronic illness warriors often struggle with. We’ll also be having some fun with a live chocolate meditation!

You can join the workshop at the following link:

If you’ve never attended a zoom meeting before click on the link now and follow the instructions to download the software, it’s very quick and easy. Once it’s done it will tell you I haven’t started the meeting yet, you you’ll be able to use the same link again to log in

Share the Joy! Please share the above link with anyone else who you think might benefit from this workshop! Maybe you could share it in a Facebook group you’re a member of? Or use the badges below to share this blog post to your social media. I find I can share so much more with lots of people interacting and asking me questions in these workshops!

Additional Information

Please bring along a piece of chocolate to take part in the chocolate meditation

Here’s what people have said about the class when I’ve run it before:

‘This class was a wonderful venue for becoming familiar with mindful meditation. And for those who are familiar there was the opportunity to learn something new. It is not only an informative class but Julie kept it interesting and fun as well. The interacting with Julie and all attendees was excellent and we were able to learn together and from one another. Well done!’ Kim
‘I enjoyed the class and thought that Julie did a really good job’ Ferdi
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the class and found it included quite some information regarding how Meditation and Mindfulness can help in living a better life despite chronic illness, and it was full with tips and personal hands on experience to start mastering the contents. Julie was very helpful and took learners into account, involving us in the class and creating a nice atmosphere. Loved the chocolate meditation! Thanks’ Ana
 Excellent Class! I enjoyed this class and the chocolate meditation! It was informative and fun! Tatia
Very good: The class was eloquent, well structured and engaging. I feel inspired to practice my meditation. thank you Julie. Celine
Excellent overview of meditation for chronic illness. Great class about how meditation and mindfulness are helpful in healing and dealing with chronic illness and overcoming some obstacles that we can have to doing it. Sharon
EXCELLENT CLASS WITH GREAT ADVICE FROM JULIE !! I ALWAYS feel uplifted and inspired after any Class with Julie . Her Information is very well presented and it is very easy to engage or rest if preferred .. there is no pressure to participate when online if not up to it .. though it is always better to for me if I can. Treasa
So Inspiring and Helpful: I have been helped so much from Julies class. She has given me so much insight and learning new ways to cope with Chronic Pain. She is so generous to share with us ways to cope. I would highly recommend Julies classes to anyone dealing with Pain. It has helped me so much already. I had days I was ready to give up but her classes are helping me by relaxing and being mindful of daily activity and learning our new life and how to cope. Thank You Julie.Christine
Meditation and Mindfulness just like peanut butter and honey: Julie Holliday delivered a brief to the point class on how to get committed to a meditation/mindfulness practice and how healing it can be and how easy it actually can be. The two greatest pointers I got from the class is to set an intention before each meditation and the other was to set a specific time for meditation everyday that becomes habit…for me it will be in the morning after the pets have been let out and fed and I can have the peace and quiet to meditate. Also mindfulness in all we do…for me its huge so combining meditation with mindfulness you cant help but reap the benefits. I enjoyed the class. Collen

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