Homemade pumpkin soup

Simple and Easy Pumpkin Soup

Gluten free, Yeast free, Vegan. Usually I like my pumpkin soups spicy, but the other day I felt like trying something different, so I did a little experiment. I’m a kind of a chuck it all in cook, so the measurements below won’t be precise, but I really enjoyed the simple flavour of this soup. … Read more

5 tips for Boosting Your Motivation with a Tick Box Chart

This is a post I wrote especially for ProHealth’s Inspirational Corner and first appeared there about 5 weeks ago: We all want to be as well as we can be, but even when we feel highly motivated to reach as high a level of functioning as possible that doesn’t always translate to great motivation for self-care. We want the results but … Read more

Essential oils for inspiration

A Week of Essential Oil Use with a Spotlight on my Inspiration Blend

Using essential oils is a very regular part of my life. I have my favourite oils for particular purposes and don’t tend to change them around very often.  Nowadays, I find myself using them more for non-toxic solutions to every day issues than for specific illness management support (because of how well I generally am … Read more

Minimise your Toxic Load

Making the World a Better Place 7: Minimise your Toxic Load

I’ve been writing a series of blog posts about the easy ways we can all contribute to making the world a better place. It doesn’t have to be hard even when you have limited energy and it’s great to recognise what a valuable role we can play! Taking care of the environment was a passion … Read more