Coaching Has Never Been So Affordable!

New Coaching Combi-Pack!

Having now run 5 extensive group coaching programs, I’ve discovered that there is a real magic to the group process! When you witness another person being coached on a similar issue to your own, their developmental effort rubs off on you. It’s like they’re doing the work for you. Of course that needs to be reciprocated when it’s time for you to be coached, but everybody seems to progress with less effort that when going it alone.

However individual coaching is of huge value when it comes to getting to the bottom of a complex issue. So I’ve created what I hope will be the ideal affordable package. It’s a brand new combination, so you’ll be getting it at an amazing price for being my guinea pigs:

One individual strategy session followed by 3 months of weekly group meetings to keep you on track and help you get over any obstacles.

Would you like to…

  • claim back energy and lesson your brain fog?
  • feel more joy and harmony….nurtured and revitalised?
  • become the captain of your own spaceship?
  • feel more empowered, accepting and hopeful?
  • set better boundaries and advocate for your self-care?
  • gain confidence and knowledge around handling the complexities of the illness?
  • find a way to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally?
  • be kinder to yourself and express your needs?
  • feel physically, emotionally and spiritually better?

These are all the words of my previous clients! Check out my testimonials page for more details about what you could get out of coaching!

3 month of customised coaching support for only €97 * (about $111)

Weekly sessions start Wednesday 7th 28th November with a Q&A coaching session. 8am pacific; 11am eastern; 4pm UK and 5pm CET.

*VAT at 21% will be added to EU residents

Contact me now and tell me you’re in or book your individual session with my online calendar and put in the notes that you want the combi-pack so I can send you the link to the first meeting!

Grab this opportunity now because my coaching is really worth so much more and I really won’t be able to keep it at this price for long!

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