7-Day Mindful Relaxed Effortlessness Challenge

What would you do with the energy that you could save?

Approaching everything we do with an attitude of mindful relaxed effortless reclaims huge amounts of energy otherwise wasted on tension and striving. And being relaxed is absolutely essential if we are to direct our bodies’ resources to healing. But this is a very different way of being to what helped us be successful in our pre-illness life.

Take just 7 days to learn and practice the skills that could make all the difference to your health. Mastering relaxed effortless was a huge part of my original recovery from ME/CFS and I know how much it will help you too!

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Here’s a taste of what previous participants have said… FREE 7-day Mindful Relaxed Effortlessness Challenge

I am truly grateful and forever indebted to Julie for her great generosity with her time and professional advice in offering this Relaxed effortlessness Challenge.  Following the weeks challenge for R/E … i notice this week that slowing down can help me cope better with having low energy and managing my daily tasks . I find it encouraging to have a plan that works very well if I  break down my daily  activities throughout the Day with  relaxed effortlessness in mind. I know from Juile’ brilliant tips what to watch out for and how, if repeated, they are becoming like Mantras for me in my Day . I find this  soothing and helpful as I  try to apply the very practical and doable  low energy tips Julie has suggested.

From the weeks practice I have noticed I am tuning more into “ Being’  rather than” Doing “ and I am  aiming to be more relaxed   during the Day, thus promoting opportunities  for Rest and Healing. Practicing Slowing Down  during the challenge has helped  me to feel  “i am swimming with the tide….. ,” more so , noticing what energy I do have and using it wisely.

Wishing a very special thanks to Julie’ Treasa


I am so happy I got to enjoy these videos. I am trying to let things that can wait to be done wait. I am fortunate that it is just me and my husband so I am more able to do that. My problem is changing my old ways of having to get things done. I have tried each challenge and find myself stopping and realizing what I can do. Before it was still just do it. Then I would flare up and hurt. So thank you for the 7 day challenge it really opened my eyes that I have to do things different now with this Illness.’ Christine


Thanks for creating this challenge! What helped me a lot was the slow buildup. It is easier to implement one part of the challenge every day, than doing all at once like “from now on I am going to do everything with effortlessness”. I would feel overwhelmed that way and quit the challenge as I’d be thinking about doing things differently all day long, instead of only during a walk or when brushing teeth. It also helped to get a daily reminder and knowing it is done in a group.

I didn’t expect it to be emotional as well, as it reminds me of my limitations and I have to make the wise choices over the fun or habitual ones (not stopping a task when it’s done but stop when I need a break), but it also feels empowering as in the end I have more control over my energy and it feels like I can actively do something about my situation.’ Al Ma


I have found the whole 7 days of videos fascinating, so informative. I am jotting down notes and really hope to put all into practice, so that it becomes more natural, and becomes a way of life for me. I am sure this will be helpful to aiding recovery. Thank you Julie. I hope to learn more from you, such wisdom. Blessings and love,’ Sue

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