The Purpose in Sharing and Supporting: Making the World a Better Place 9

It’s taken me a while to get there but this is the last of a series of blog posts I’ve been writing, about the easy ways we can all contribute to making the world a better place. I’ve wanted to show that it doesn’t have to be hard even when we have limited energy and it’s great to recognise what a valuable role we can play! Today I want to focus on the little ways we can share and support each other that can have an ever-expanding impact

Share the good that you and others are doing

In the past I have tended to be a bit private about my values, probably stemming from my experience of being judged negatively for my ‘hippy dippy’ ways when I was younger. I didn’t let anyone stop me being me, but I guess I just didn’t flaunt certain sides of me in front of people who I knew just weren’t going to get it. I suppose I was also avoiding confrontation.

Nowadays though people seem to be a lot more aware of the fact that we need to take some action to make the world a better place. In fact, most people will want to take some action as long as it doesn’t inconvenience them too much. This series has been all about making it easy, so if you’ve found an easy way of contributing to making the world a better place, share your experience with those around you. Let them know how easy it is and how good you feel for being able to contribute in some small way.

Nowadays social media provides an ideal platform to have a far-reaching ripple effect. Make it count for you, be conscious of sharing positive ideas and experiences. Whenever you see a post about an innovative project that’s making a difference, share it. Uplift your contacts with proof that it is possible to make a difference, their efforts won’t be just a drop in the ocean, lots of others are contributing too.

Support others to be themselves and share their gifts

What each of us has to share with the world is a unique gift. Unfortunately, there are many blocks people face to truly being themselves. You can contribute to creating an environment in which everyone can be themselves by showing each and every person that you meet that they are unconditionally worthy. Show people that you value them for exactly the way they are and you’ll be encourage them to shine their light, and let’s face it, we need a lot more light in the world! You can play such a valuable role by simply listening to your loved ones with with care and compassion. Any way that you are supporting another to truly be themselves, you are contributing to make the world a better place.

Remember though, that all these suggestions are about doing what is easy. It’s really about staying conscious to the ways you can contribute, and taking the opportunity whenever it presents itself in a manner that will not drain you in any way. Your well-being must always come first. But when you find little ways to contribute that are possible within your health constraints and value how every little thing adds up and ripples out to have a more profound effect, the feel-good factor is sure to add to that well-being!Easy ways to make the world better: sharing ans supporting

Your challenge today, if you choose to take it, is to find one tiny way of sharing the good that’s happening in the world or supporting another to shine their light and then comment below about what you did, to inspire others about how small and easy it can be!

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