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Although my energy has been pretty low recently, I still find myself inspired to share my skills. It’s work I love and it flows very easily so after all your input from the questionnaire I sent out, I’ve put together something that I know is going to really help you create a life that you love in a new membership program.

Unfortunately I don’t find marketing quite so effortless but I had a flash of inspiration and decided the easiest way to help you understand what you get out of it and how, without having to do any extra work, was just to show you. The reason it’s a little complicated is that in the questionnaire there were so many different answers for what would be easily accessible. So I’ve created 3 levels to take into account the energy that you have to invest in your growth and development and the different ways everybody learns

This is the first level week 1. All member of the program will receive an email each week with fresh content including a video with journaling suggestions and a new 5 minute practice. Below you’ll find the extra ways you can receive support at levels 2 and 3:

try out my new membership program for freeSkills focused video

This month we’ll be taking a deep dive into the theme of acceptance. This weeks video (8 mins) introduces why acceptance is so important and focuses in on the first step of any change: Awareness.
You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/1miOB4v0mWE

Daily journaling:

Please watch the video first before tackling the journaling. Don’t worry if you can’t manage it daily, do it when you can and you’ll still be growing your awareness.
¨What have I resisted today?
¨How did resistance (non-acceptance) impact on my body?
¨Did non-acceptance get me anywhere today?

Please finish each time with the following statement:
I kindly accept myself for all the non-acceptance I have experienced today, it is an understandable response to my experience. I am choosing to learn from it and grow

5-minute wellbeing practice

This weeks 5 minute practice is a short guided meditation to help you start your day off well, before you even get out of bed. You can download the meditation here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aoo1AYLT3NN3kAHMK6cywt2x1Cjo?e=EazOEN
Or you can listen to it on soundcloud here:

If you want to ask any questions about this first week or seek any support you can connect with us in my ‘spoonies with purpose’ private Facebook group. All this weeks materials will also be posted there in the announcements. There is a seperate Facebook group set up to provide exclusive support to paid up members of the program.

So how do the levels work?

Level 1: Gentle self-study £9 per month

Each week you’ll be sent an email with a 5-15 min skills focused video along with journaling suggestions to help you develop that skill. You’ll also be introduced to a new 5 minute well-being practice each week
Support can be sought in a private Facebook group and there will also be 2 x 20 minute Facebook live Q&A sessions each month

Level 2: Connect £18 per month

All of the above plus a weekly 30 minute support group live online using zoom
Bonus 1 x 30-min 1-2-1 coaching session for an additional £36

Level 3: Full engagement £27 per month

All the above plus
monthly live online Q&A;
monthly live online coaching group;
monthly live online meditation group
The possibility of a monthly live online workshop
Bonus: 1 x 30-min 1-2-1 coaching session for an additional £27
plus free access to any of the mini-courses I’m running

Are you in? use my contact form to let me know what level you’d like to join at or if you’d like any more information.

I’ve drafted out a calendar for you to see how it might all work. I’ll be open to tweaks and suggestions so if you have a strong interest in being involved, let me know your thoughts. (Times are UK times) Check it out here:

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