Exploiting your Glimpse Moments (the Mind/Body Way)

Do you have occasional moments when your body feels lighter than usual, you have a better sense of your energy flowing, your mind feels clearer and you’re reminded of what it might be like not to be ill? I call these “glimpse moments”.

Do you find yourself wanting to make the most of them to get involved with things that that you haven’t been able to do for a while, only to crash later? It would be unusual if you didn’t! We can’t help wanting to exploit our glimpse moments, but we soon learn that this isn’t the way to go (even if it’s hard to act on that little gem of wisdom). There is however another way….

Exploiting Glimpse Moments for Healing

Glimpse moments are important because they remind of us what it feels like to be healthy. If we can remember or imagine what it feels like to be healthy, we can employ it as a mind/body healing tool. Any thought that passes through our head will have some kind of resonance in our body.  To take full advantage of this connection we can aim to spend time showing our body what it is expecting to be working on. If you can regularly bring to mind a memory of what it feels like to be healthy, you’ll be regularly communicating to your body “this!… give me more of this!”

There is a saying in the mind body field that “energy flows where attention goes”. The more attention we can pay to what it feels like when things are good, the more of our energy will be directed to trying to recreate that. Add a sense of joy and gratitude for the experience and your body will have even more reason to look to replicate the experience.

When you use your memory as a healing practice, the best way to influence your biochemistry is to evoke the experience as fully as possible. As well as remembering what it feels like in your body, imagine what you would be doing with that health, and evoke the sense of joy and gratitude for feeling so good. Are there any more senses you can employ, can you imagine what you would see looking in the mirror? could you imagine yourself eating something healthy and enjoying the taste? Could you imagine the music you’re listening to as you dance around? Find something that fits for you. Add an affirmative commentary (in the present tense) for example “it feels so good that my body feels so light and flexible, I’m so grateful to be feeling this way” etc.

You can also consider this a practice of attraction. As well as sending a message to your biochemistry, you are also putting out an energetic message into the universe. My quantum mentor always says the Universe only knows how to say Yes, so give it a message that it can say yes to. Create the energetic signal that you want more of!A mind/body healing practise for exploiting your glimpse moments when you have a chronic illness a

Next time you have a glimpse moment, recognise just how valuable it is, not so that you can get things done, but as a fresh experience that you can bring to mind over and over again to engage your body in healing and attract more into your future.

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