November Events 2020

Cosy, Comforting, Happy Hibernation:

If you struggle at this time of year and would like some support to make the most of life as it is during autumn and winter, come along and join my membership program, Embrace, Replenish, Live. This month’s topic is inspired by the Danish concept of Hygge.  I’ll be guiding you to pay attention to all the ways you can get cosy and comfortable, letting go of what doesn’t belong to this season and develop happiness skills that will serve you even at the darkest time of the year.

For just £9/ month you can join the programme at the self-study level. Each week you’ll receive an email with a short video, journalling suggestions and a suggestion for a 5 minute practise that could help improve your quality of life. However a really important part of the concept of Hygge is ‘togetherness’. Joining at level two (£18/ month) means you’ll also get to take part in a weekly online (zoom) support group. Use my contact form to let me know if you want to take part.

FREE events in November:

Does the mention of the holidays fill you with dread? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. From Monday the 16th of Nov, I’ll be running a FREE 5-day masterclass to explore strategies and make a practical plan for how to glide through the holiday season with a smile on your face! If you’ve ever done one of my 5 day masterclasses before you’ll be automatically invited but if not, you can sign up HERE. This masterclass is fo you if:

  • You struggle with pacing and managing family visits
  • What you have to miss out on gets you down
  • You get overwhelmed by what needs to get done and the decisions involved
  • You’re worried about the holiday season just wiping you out
  • You feel guilty about not being able to be more involved or having to say no
  • You can’t imagine being able to relax until it’s all over

I’ll also be running a rare FREE online workshop on ‘Holding you Holiday Boundaries’ on Monday 23rd of November (just in time for US Thanksgiving). Watch this space! More details coming soon.

Finally and brand new, to promote a little more togetherness ins the spirit of Hygge, I’d like to invite you for a cup of tea and a chat on zoom, Friday 20th November at 11am UK time. (Sorry to my friends across the pond, it will be too early for you to join this time but maybe we can do it another time if you’re interested!) This isn’t intended to be a support group, just an opportunity to spend some quality time together. I’ve got lots of ideas to help us break the ice and connect. Registration is required so that I can send you a heads-up and you can come prepared to have some low energy fun! Register here:

Image by Dayne Topkin from  Unsplash

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