My Second Favourite Inspirational Quote

Inspiration and encouragement from the ancients wisdom of Lao Tzu

A thousand-mile journey starts with a single step

When you have a chronic illness like ME/CFS achieving better health and a more functional life can seem like a thousand-mile journey.

For me this quote holds several layers of encouragement and inspiration.

Most importantly it encourages me to focus on the next step rather than the destination. Taking one small step is doable. Looking at how far away the destination is or how many steps are involved can be overwhelming and discouraging. This quote is all about valuing that first step and reminding yourself it’s getting you moving. It’s about taking satisfaction in the step rather than taking satisfaction in an outcome.

Another level of inspiration I get from this quote, is that if your destination is a long way away, you’re better off letting go of you focus on getting there, and paying more attention to enjoying the journey. My approach to better health and having an inspiring vision for my life, is to enjoy taking the steps that will move me towards it, but primarily, to make sure I am paying as much attention to enjoying the now.

Letting go of the destination also opens you up to benefits of flexibility. My time with chronic illness has changed me considerably, my growth and learning has led me in new directions that have been very satisfying. If I’d have been fixed on a destination, I would never have enjoyed all the new lands that I have travelled to, metaphorically speaking.

pin for second favourite Lao Tzu quoteFinally, this quote is all about trust. In Lao Tzu’s days when there where no engines and planes, if you were to embark on a thousand-mile journey, you would do so trusting that taking one step at a time would get you there, or at least if would lead you on a great adventure. When I take steps towards my personal growth or better wellbeing, I choose to do so with that same trust. Either I’ll get there or I’ll get somewhere else just as rewarding, enjoying the journey along the way.

What is your next tiny step? What’s your favourite inspiring quote?

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