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Triage Your Self-Help

How to prioritise when you don’t have much energy for self-help This is an edited  post I originally wrote especially for ProHealth’s Inspirational Corner  and first appeared there in June 2018.  The fact that there are more than 101 ways to tackle energy limiting chronic illness has its upside and its downside. On the one hand there is … Read more

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My Most Helpful Gut Health Strategy

Time Restricted Feeding I’ve had gut health problems now for about 12 years. I didn’t have problems during the 5 years of my first incidence of ME/CFS. They all started about 3 months after the illness had hit me the second time, after taking prolonged antibiotics for a tooth infection. I first became aware that … Read more

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The Hunt for a Comfortable Bra

…with suggestions from my fellow chronic illness bloggers (Apologies to my male readers, this one isn’t likely to interest you) When you have a chronic illness and have to rest a lot, comfortable clothing is really important. I live in loungewear.  Underwear is equally important, but where I have a real problem is with bras. … Read more