Award Nominations, Visualisation, and an Urgent Request for Your Support

The nominations keep rolling in

It’s a bit mind blowing that I’ve now been nominated in 7 categories of the WEGO health awards. Thank you so much to all of you who have chosen to recognise my contribution with nominations and endorsements. It feels so nice, if a little uncomfortable. Brought up on a cocktail of modesty values, I’ve never been that great at accepting any kind of praise or validation. I’m getting better at it, I’ve learned to believe in my own unconditional worth and have a strong belief that I am serving my purpose and what I do is valuable.

In the past I’ve also been sceptical about my chances of winning anything like this, but as a coach I’ve learned how important it is to approach life with a helpful mind-set. I share my response to these nominations is an indication of how much I’ve grown to be where I am today, but I also want to share it as an example of how belief and mind-set make a difference to your wellbeing.

Despite my old patterns that tell me I’ll never be popular enough to ever win something like this so I shouldn’t even consider myself in the running, I’ve chosen to believe it’s a possibility. When you first choose a different belief to an old ingrained one, it won’t automatically take over, so it doesn’t always feel like a belief. I like to think of it as something young and pure that still needs to be encouraged and nurtured. The old belief is trying to protect me from disappointment (and humiliation) and in order to nurture the power of my new belief I need to gently remind myself that I don’t need that protection.

One of the things that I’ve learned that protects me from disappointment is detachment. I can choose to believe in the possibility of being a winner, in fact I can go as far as visualising what it would be like to be a winner, all because I can do so with detachment, trusting that whatever the outcome, life will turn out alright.

How positive beliefs can make the now better and ultimately contribute to healing

But why bother believing in the possibility of winning? For me there are several benefits to choosing this belief. First of all, being recognised for my contribution motivates me to continue contributing. Knowing that I am making a difference to people feels good, so when I add another post to my social media, I do so with that feeling of making a difference. Every minute of the day that I can feel a positive emotion is a contribution to my wellbeing, so believing that my contribution is valued adds to my wellbeing in the moment.

visualising fall in the White MountainsAnother way that I can add to my here and now wellbeing with this belief is to visualise myself a winner. While the idea of celebrating at a busy health conference in Boston, seems a little daunting to someone who is sound and light sensitive, and needs to keep stimulation to a minimum, it’s been great to visualise being well enough to travel and attend the celebration. Most of all though I’ve been visualising resting in a cabin in the nearby White Mountains, sitting on the deck enjoying the view of the amazing autumn colours. Visualisation is a great way of engaging the law of attraction, but most of all I recognise that whilst I am enjoying this visualisation, I am creating a positive body chemistry. This visualisation brings me the peace that engages my parasympathetic nervous system. It not only makes my body feel better in the moment, it’s also optimising my conditions for healing.

To strengthen my belief and encourage me to keep up with the visualisation, I also need to take aligned action. In this case, my aligned action is to ask you for your support.

If you haven’t yet endorsed my nominations, please go to this link right away (see more details instructions below). There are only a couple of days left as endorsements close on the 31st July. And if you know anyone else that would want to show their support could you share this post with them, in case they don’t see it in time!

I’d like to keep on believing that I could be a winner. I’d like to keep on visualising that mountain cabin in the fall, I’d love your help to get there. Most of all, becoming a finalist will keep that vision alive and contribute to my daily moments of wellbeing!

pin showing award badgesThe categories I’ve been nominated in:

  • Patient leader hero
  • Healthcare collaborator
  • Lifetime achievement
  • Best in show: Facebook
  • Best in show: Blog
  • Best in show: Community
  • Advocating for another

You can endorse me in more than one category, if you feel I’m deserving. Click on this link, then click whichever of the awards you’d like to endorse, so that they become bolder looking, then click endorse. Thank you!

Fall photo by Sainaniritu and

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