Personal Policies for Holistic Wellbeing

In preparation for some business training that I’m undertaking at the moment, the lovely Claire MacPherson set us the task of setting ourselves policies for how we are going to approach the training and our businesses to get the best results. It occurred to me that it would be helpful to have a similar set of policies for how to approach holistic wellbeing. For me, wellbeing isn’t just about eating, drinking and moving right, it’s also extremely important that we take care of our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I thought about the guiding principles I follow in terms of my taking great care of myself and maximising my wellbeing, and about some of the things that are missing when I first meet my clients. Is this a set of policies you could or would like to live by?

  • I love and value myself unconditionally
  • I honour my body with healthy nutrition and good hydration
  • I move my body every day, listening to what it needs and starting from where I am
  • I let go of expectations and allow myself to do only what feels right in the moment
  • I put my wellbeing first at all times
  • I accept this moment for exactly how it is, trusting it is exactly where I need to be
  • I value rest and find ways to enjoy it
  • I connect with nature daily, even if that’s just watering a plant.
  • I embrace the peace that is needed for my healing
  • I choose to appreciate the little moments of joy
  • I allow myself to feel whatever I feel
  • I meet my emotions with acceptance and compassion
  • I grieve when I need to, it leads me to acceptance.
  • I choose gratitude wherever I can
  • Being true to my nature is my gift to the world
  • I value my purpose as a being who loves and is loved
  • I bring love into all my interactions
  • I value my purpose to learn and to grow
  • I aim to be present to this and every moment. Presence connects me to my nature and to the joyful nature of life itself
  • I trust that I am connected to and supported by a higher power
  • I hold intention lightly and detach from fixed outcomes
  • I feel pleasant anticipation for the good things that are just around the corner
  • I value having fun, my joy is important to the world
  • I take time for self-care and pampering
  • I surround myself by people who uplift me and let go of those who consistently bring me down.
  • I keep my physical environment tidy and pleasing to my eye
  • I surround myself with things that bring me comfortPin for wellbeing policies showing a woman at a spa

Are there anymore that you could add?

My biggest challenge is keeping my physical environment tidy and pleasing to the eye. Sometimes it’s just at the bottom of the list of things to do with my energy, but I know I feel better when I can get to it. Which would be the ones that would be most difficult for you? Could I help you with any of them?

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