Getting Better at Stopping

FREE 2-week mini-course empowering you to choose to stop, when it’s the best thing for your wellbeing

Stopping when you need to means actually being able to do more, enjoy more and contribute more, but we can be so deeply programmed to push through, it can be difficult to do what we know is wise.

This mini-course is for people with chronic illness who are ready to create an easier, more joyful more purposeful life, by improving this crucial energy management skill.

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How many of the following reasons get in the way of you stopping and resting when you need to?pin with stop sign for free minicourse

  • Keeping up with friends
  • Having too much fun
  • Wanting to feel normal
  • Making the most of feeling good
  • Being absorbed/ caught up in the moment
  • Wanting to be productive
  • Not wanting to cancel
  • Responsibilities, obligation, duty
  • Not wanting to face how bad it is
  • Not noticing that you’re tiring early enough
  • Feeling pressured by others
  • Seeing stopping as a backward step
  • A sense that you can’t relax until it’s done
  • Not wanting to be judged as lazy or not contributing

We all know the pain involved with not stopping when we need to, but unfortunately that isn’t always enough to avoid the same pattern over and over again. That’s because our subconscious likes to stick to what’s been successful in the past.

This FREE 2 week mini-course will teach you how to get your subconscious to change its ways. You’ll learn how to get to the point where you can choose to stop, and skills that will make that choice easier and easier to make.

Being able to make that choice to stop is how I get to feel well a lot of the time. And when I feel well, I get to experience joy in all the little moments. The most surprising thing is, that when you get really good at stopping, it’s amazing how much more you can actually achieve!

I hope that my followers will agree that I’ve been contributing a lot over the past 10 or more years both as a blogger and then later as a holistic life coach. None of that would have been possible if I wasn’t so skilled at stopping when I need to. I’d love to help you to get good at it too!

Try out one of my membership groups for 2 weeks for FREE

This free mini-course gives you a taster of what you get from my membership programme, but to get an idea of the full experience, I’d like to offer the opportunity of joining one of the weekly groups as well. On a Tuesday at 4pm UK time there is a support group and on a Wednesday at 4pm UK time there is a Coaching group. The support group is 45 minutes long and participants are encouraged to support each other as well as recieving support from me. The coaching group is an hour long and alternates an informal Q&A session with a more formal coaching session with 3 x 15 minute coaching slots, for people to be coached in front of the group.

If you’d like to try out one of the groups please make sure that you are at least considering it as an ongoing option after the 2 week trial period. The usual price for the membership programme is £27/month for the support group and £36/month for the coaching group.

Julie is a brilliant, caring, funny holistic coach. I can highly recommend her courses. Jane


Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

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