Putting 2023 to bed

To get ready for a new year ahead I like to put the old one to bed with a brief but constructive review. With limited mental energy, we can tend to have an overgeneralised memory which can put a negative slant on our impressions of the past. But if we guide our attention carefully we can go into the next year with a better sense of good things to come. Here’s how I’m leaving 2023 behind.

3 things that worked for my joyful wellness this year

  1. Free form dancing, shifting my energy around my body and restoring me to a high vibrational state. I’ve always loved to dance, and when I was learning Sevillanas I found that a 90sec practice was ideal for shifting heavy energetic states. This year I was guided to dance to release energy blocks. I simply move my body intuitively to release tension and heaviness. It doesn’t always look particularly coordinated but it works for me! I dance only for a minute or two but it’s amazingly effective.
  2. Believing I can. In 2022 I became increasingly aware of limiting beliefs around my health, this year I got really good at choosing to believe that things were possible. I’m careful to listen to my body moment by moment, but I’ve walked nearly 2km on a couple of occasions whilst on holidays this year. Believing that I can bounce back quickly whenever I experience any dips or symptom has been really effective too.
  3. Choosing to have faith in wellness and trusting my cells to ask for what they need from the universe. Choosing to have faith in wellness has meant letting go of having to make sure that I am constantly working at making wellness happen. It’s enabled a letting go, and a freedom to be at peace and enjoy life.

3 things I achieved (and a bonus one)

  1. Walking 1.8 km on holiday and remaining dip free in the following days, then driving for 40 minutes on the way back from the holiday.
  2. Moving house, this did take its toll eventually, but I have bounced back already!
  3. Getting to and from a hospital appointment independently (twice). Feeling well enough to manage it and having enough faith in my resilience to take the bus! This is the first time in a couple of years that I’ve been able to attend anything without support.
  4. Doing tai chi outside 343 days this year (one more day to go!). I was only driven inside by weather 8 days, the other 13 days were dippy days when I didn’t feel like doing it at all.

3 things I’m grateful for

  1. My new home which was offered to me just when I needed it. There were so many miracles involved I’m so very grateful.
  2. My brother spent so much of his free time decorating my new home with the help of his family from time to time. I am so very grateful to them all that I can now relax peacefully in my space and love the way it looks!
  3. My fabulous friend who has taken me on holiday twice, who completely understands my needs and whose company I really enjoy, as well as being able to completely relax in.

And another few

  1. My parents (especially my Mum), who support me in so many ways, even driving me to a retreat and coming to collect me a few days later.
  2. My lovely clients who enable me to do work that I love and serve my soul purpose.
  3. My coach who supports me to find aligned ways to expand my impact
  4. The pretty long tail tits that keep visiting my hedgerow whilst I’m doing tai chi
  5. The universe for consistently providing me with everything I need, whenever I need it

3 things that I’m leaving behind me as I move into 2024

pinterest image for a review of 2023

  1. I am letting go of the chronic illness identity. I choose to see myself as joyfully well despite living with a long-term health condition.
  2. This year the universe has consistently proven that she will take care of me, so I am confidently leaving behind my fears of lacking anything.
  3. One new, unhelpful thing that I have found myself doing this year, is talking about my limitations with other residents of my community. I’ve found myself trying to justify to people why I have been offered my bungalow, by talking about how the illnes affects me. However, nobody really needs to know this, it OK for people to be curious, or even doubt me. Instead, I choose to be fully expressive of my joyful wellness whenever I encounter anybody.

Finally a commitment:

As I leave 2023 behind me, I joyfully let go of all that did not serve me and open myself up to a new year full of opportunities for increasing wellness, growing peace, expanding love, satisfying purpose, profuse gratitude, flowing abundance and blissful joy.

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