Episode 11: Audrey Zannese on Purpose and Authenticity

In this interview Audrey tells the story of how she discovered Sophrology after a disgnosis of M.S. We then talk about purpose and how its tied to allowing and living authentically.   Connect with Audry on her website: www.stepintosophrology.co.uk Facebook: Step Into Sophrology Instagram: @StepIntoSophrology Youtube: Step Into Sophrology   And if you’d prefer to … Read more

Podcast Episode 8: Interview with Angie Ash

In this interview with Angie Ash of Wildbare Nutrition we talk about her purpose as a funtional medicine nutritionist. In addition to hearing her story we discuss how purpose is related to joy and the importance of having boundaries. You can connect with Angie on her website: Wildbare Nutrition Or join her facebook group: From Fatigued to … Read more