Reflections on a Relapse

This isn’t another book review as promised. I’m writing this on the day before my holiday and I haven’t got done what I’d hoped to get done by now. Mainly because I’ve not been doing very well for the last 3 weeks, I’ve been experiencing a bit of a relapse. I’ve decided the book review … Read more

A Book Review: Overcoming Chronic fatigue: a self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques. Mary Burgess with Trudy Chandler. 2005 Constable and Robinson Ltd.

It never fails to amaze me just how wound up I can still get by people who claim to be experts completely ignoring the fact that ME/CFS is an illness with a physical cause. (I think I may still need to work on my non-defensive attitude!). The authors try to mask their obvious assumption that … Read more

Using Aromatherapy to tackle Sleep Disturbance

Completing the theme of sleep disturbance there is one more tool that I have found useful: Essential oils. I have successfully used a variety of essential oils in my battle to tackle sleep disturbance. They can be used in various ways. A few drops can be added to water in an oil burner for a … Read more

Tackling Sleep Disturbance is a Priority for ME/CFS Self-help

Sleep disturbance is a very common symptom of ME and can take various different forms. It can mean struggling to get off to sleep, waking up regularly in the night, having vivid disturbing dreams or waking up feeling un-refreshed.  Unfortunately it is a symptom that helps to perpetuate the illness. It is during deep sleep … Read more

Three Important Directions of Self-help for ME/CFS

I like to consider my efforts at self-help as falling into 3 broad categories, each of which needs daily attention. ·         Avoiding making things worse ·        Giving my immune system the best chance possible through a healthy lifestyle ·        Cultivating happiness and fulfilment and dealing with the emotional impact of the illness The first is all about recognising … Read more

Acceptance as the foundation for management and recovery of ME/CFS

I believe that the single most crucial step to being able to manage this condition and hopefully make a complete recovery is acceptance. Once we accept that life is going to be different for a while we can focus on how to make the most of that difference. With acceptance we can learn how to … Read more