My New Name!

Those of you that have been following me for a while, might have noticed that I’ve changed my business name. You might not, because the website looks very similar and if you type in my old name in a search engine, you’ll automatically be redirected to the new web address. When I started my blog … Read more

5 Keys to Being Well with ME/CFS

When you have a chronic illness, wellness means something altogether different than when you live with health. A chronic illness doesn’t go away, especially one where medical research is underfunded and there are no effective treatments. However, I have learned how to be well most of the time with ME/CFS. I don’t always succeed, and … Read more

Lots of bra's on a market stall

The Hunt for a Comfortable Bra

…with suggestions from my fellow chronic illness bloggers (Apologies to my male readers, this one isn’t likely to interest you) When you have a chronic illness and have to rest a lot, comfortable clothing is really important. I live in loungewear.  Underwear is equally important, but where I have a real problem is with bras. … Read more