piece of cheesecake in a bowl next to the cheesecake on a plate

Gut Friendly Spicy Rhubarb Cheesecake

Gluten Free, Low Lactose, No Added Sugar Sometimes, despite many food intolerances, you just have a craving for something special and a bit more normal than the unprocessed healthy diet you usually have to stick with. I’ve become adept at making the healthiest possible ‘damage limitation’ treats that are almost as good as the real … Read more

Healthier Xmas Pudding Recipe

There are so many challenges of the holidays, not the least, is the temptation to eat lots of lovely food that’s sure to flare gut symptoms and slice our energy further. I’m just not strong willed  enough to avoid holiday food altogether, instead I try to make my own versions that limit the damage. It’s … Read more

Homemade pumpkin soup

Simple and Easy Pumpkin Soup

Gluten free, Yeast free, Vegan. Usually I like my pumpkin soups spicy, but the other day I felt like trying something different, so I did a little experiment. I’m a kind of a chuck it all in cook, so the measurements below won’t be precise, but I really enjoyed the simple flavour of this soup. … Read more

Gluten Free Chestnut Roast (V)

This is what I’ll be having for my Christmas lunch this year. It’s been a favourite of mine for several years now! It’s gluten free and lactose free if you use lacto-free cheese or miss the cheese out altogether. It’s all done in the blender too, so very low energy prep, especially if you buy … Read more

Comforting Coconut Dhal

This is one of my favourites recipes for being so quick, easy and delicious. It’s GLUTEN FREE, SUGAR FREE, low GI and VEGAN. Although I don’t follow a strict FODMAP diet, because I’ve found that it difficult to go without beans and pulses, I have found it helpful to avoid the white flesh of onions, … Read more