My Holiday Survival Guide

A few weeks ago I went away on holiday (it’s taken me a while to write this post). Because of my low functionality, I knew I wasn’t going away to ‘do’ things, it was much more about a change of scenery and a chance to give myself permission to rest and relax. Fortunately, we stayed … Read more

The ME/CFS Survival Guide to Chasing Your Dreams

Allow yourself to dream! Just make sure that you are not putting your life on hold until you reach them. Let your dreams motivate from the background whilst keeping your attention firmly in the here and now. Live for today! Make sure you match your dreams to your belief. Having dreams of what you’d like … Read more

The ME/CFS Survival Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables

One of my most rewarding pastimes at the moment is growing my own vegetables. It’s so exciting to see a seedling poking its head out of the earth, and wonderfully satisfying to eat something freshly picked from your own garden. I spend more time just looking at the veg garden, absorbed in the wonders of … Read more