A Thrivers Mindset

4-week minicourse with weekly group support to develop a mindset that will help you thrive, despite the challenges of living with a long-term health condition! Your circumstance don’t have to dictate your experience, you have the power within you to thrive no matter what is going on for you. Objectives: Flowing with the constant change … Read more

Master Affirmations to Activate your Wellbeing

Learn the 4 ways to use affirmations for optimising your wellbeing and how to make them most effective. This is a recording of a live workshop. By registering for this workshop recording, you will be subcscribed to my email newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Creating Joyful Wellness as an Energetic and Spiritual Being 2024

Welcome, I’m so excited that you’ve decided to invest in your joyful wellness and join me in this programme. This is the course page where all your lessons and coaching recordings will be added. The first lesson will be added by Saturday 24th Feb. Schedule Each Saturday I’ll send you out a link to a … Read more

Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation for Creating Joyful Wellness

4 week mini course to help you establish practices that facilitate healing and empower you to create a life of joyful wellness Objectives Establish a regular meditation practice that suits your individual needs Learn mindfulness and relaxation skills that empower your wellbeing Overcome any previous difficulties you’ve had with practising meditation Lay crucial foundations for … Read more

A relaxed effortless, kind and joyful looking sloth

Ways of Being

This 4-week coaching mini-course will guide you towards creating joyful wellness, through choosing and developing new and adaptive ways of being. Course objectives: To develop a relaxed, effortless way of being To develop a loving, compassionate way of being To develop a lighthearted and joyful way of being To identify and develop other ways of … Read more

Letting Purpose be Easy

This 4-week coaching minicourse will teach you simple strategies to live a meaningful, purposeful life effortlessly! Are you struggling to find purpose in your life? Do you have a long-term health condition that makes it difficult to pursue your passions? You’re not alone. Many people feel stuck and unfulfilled when they don’t know how to … Read more

Creating a World that Works for You

4-week mini-course empowering you to master your own world and make it work for your happiness and wellbeing. Do you still struggle with trying to fit into a world that wasn’t designed with your long-term health condition in mind? Are you still trying to keep up with a lifestyle that doesn’t support your wellbeing needs? … Read more

woman showing appreciation for life

Priming for Joy

This 4-week mini-course focuses your attention on the joy that is easily available to you, empowering you to choose happiness regardless of your circumstances Course objectives Being ready to appreciate all the little moments of joy available to you Recognising that abundance is yours Living life as if everything is a miracle Approaching life playfully. … Read more

Powerful Intention, Easy Action

Set yourself up for a wonderful year, with this powerful intention setting process, and the easy way to turn those intentions into action. Includes 1 support group session on Tuesday 16th Jan and 1 group coaching session on Wednesday 24th Jan both at 4pm UK time Lesson 1 will be available on Saturday 13 January, … Read more

Loving Kindness and Loving Unconditionally

5-week mini-course to expand the love you feel for yourself and for others. When love flows through you every day, life feels good! Course objectives: To enjoy ‘being’ love and experiencing love flowing through you A loving kindness mindset A sense of worthiness of unconditional love Leaving behind old conditioning around worthiness of love Enjoying … Read more

Preparing for a Peaceful Holiday Season

5-week coaching mini-course preparing you to glide through the holiday season with ease and joy By the end of this 5 weeks you’ll…. have confidence that you can enjoy the holidays without the usual overwhlem and skills to deal with it, if it shows up have a clear plan for dealing with holiday events without … Read more

Embrace what is, meet yourself where you are!

This 4-week coaching mini-course will guide you to open yourself up to the flow of wellness, that is available to you when you can embrace what is and meet yourself where you are. Course objectives: to feel more at peace with the life you have to recognise that you are in the perfect position to … Read more