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Pick and choose from the mini-courses below to direct your own wellbeing journey or subscribe to my membership programme below for the most affordable route to learning how to thrive with ease and joy!


These mini-courses are designed for taking at a gentle easy pace. All paid courses include weekly live group coaching/ support group/ mentoring sessions on zoom for the duration of the course. (Don’t forget to check out page 2!)

diver in deep water

A Deep Dive into Acceptance

4-week mini-course for a relaxed, peaceful, simpler life that makes the most of your precious energy


A Thrivers Mindset

Develop a mindset that will help you thrive and overcome the challenges of living with a long-term health condition


Achieving More Restorative Sleep

5 week mini-course guiding you to overcome the challenges of the sleep difficulties that often accompany chronic illnesses like ME/CFS, and to learn skills that will contribute to more restorative sleep

image of a magical woman

Believing in Your Own Magic

4-week mini-course boosting your power to create a happier, healthier life for yourself


Creating a World that Works for You

4-week mini-course empowering you to master your own world and make it work for your happiness and wellbeing.


Creating Balance

4-week mini-course empowering peace through creating balance in your life.


Embrace what is, meet yourself where you are!

This 4-week coaching mini-course guides you to open to the flow of wellness that is available to you when you embrace what is and meet yourself where you are.


Energy Management 101

5-week minicourse empowering you to manage your energy better and avoid that push/ crash cycle. With better energy management you’ll get so much more out of life!


Getting better at stopping

 2 week mini-course for people with energy limiting chronic illness, empowering you to choose to stop when it’s the right thing for your wellbeing!


Grounding Your Inner Peace

Find and stabilize your natural state of inner peace with this 4-week mini-course facilitated by Holistic Life Coach Julie Holiday Learn how to respond masterfully to any stress, overwhelm, fear or anxiety and to strengthen the foundations of a peaceful life.


How to Hope with a Long-term Health Condition

4-week mini-course for finding hope without the fear of dissapointment


Letting Purpose be Easy

4-Week coaching minicourse for people with long-term health conditions teaching simple strategies to live a meaningful purposeful life effortlessly.


Loving Kindness and Loving Unconditionally

5-week mini-course to expand the love you feel for yourself and for others. When love flows through you every day, life feels good!


Master Affirmations to Activate your Wellbeing

Learn the 4 ways to use affirmations for optimising your wellbeing and how to make them most effective. This is a recording of a live workshop.


Preparing for a Peaceful Holiday Season

5-week coaching mini-course preparing you to glide through the holiday season with ease and joy

woman showing appreciation for life

Priming for Joy

4-week mini-course focusing your attention on the joy that is easily available to you, empowering you to choose happiness regardless of your circumstances


Protecting your Wellbeing with Boundaries and Structures

4-week mini-course guiding you to protect your wellbeing with daily structures and firmer boundaries



4-week mini-course focusing on skills that replenish your energy and lead to a better sense of wellbeing


Self-Healing: Foundation Tools

5 week mini-course empowering you with skills that support your body’s natural healing wisdom and create a holistic sense of wellbeing.

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My Membership Programme: Thrive with Ease and Joy!


Thriving with Ease and Joy

7 month membership programme with weekly support, guiding and inspiring you to thrive despite long term health issues, finding ease and joy in the life you have