Creating Joyful Wellness as an Energetic and Spiritual Being 2024

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Welcome, I’m so excited that you’ve decided to invest in your joyful wellness and join me in this programme.

This is the course page where all your lessons and coaching recordings will be added.

The first lesson will be added by Saturday 24th Feb.


Each Saturday I’ll send you out a link to a recorded lesson and a guided meditation that will help consolidate the lesson. On Monday’s at 4pm UK (8am Pacific, 11am Eastern) I’ll go live in the Facebook group for up to 15min to answer any question about the lesson material. You can submit questions in advance if you can’t make that time live. If there are no advance questions and neither of you have answered going to the Facebook event for the Q&A, I won’t go live but will see you on Thursday.

Group coaching sessions take place on a Thursday at 4pm UK time (8am Pacific, 11am Eastern) anad will last 45mins. Please prioritise these Thursday sessions, which is where the transformational magic really happens!

Zoom link

Every week the coaching will take place on my personal zoom link:

Facebook Page

We also have a private FB page where you can find event reminders for the sessions and ask for any support between the sessions. I will also post the link to the recordings there as they become available, but please remember to login to this website before clicking on those links.


The coaching recordings will only ever be viewable to your group here in this private space.  If at any time you are the only person on the coaching call, it will still be considered a group session and other members of the group will be able to watch the recording.

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