Preparing for a Peaceful Holiday Season

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5-week coaching mini-course plus workshop preparing you to glide through the holiday season with ease and joy

By the end of this 5 weeks you’ll….

  • have confidence that you can enjoy the holidays without the usual overwhlem and skills to deal with it, if it shows up
  • have a clear plan for dealing with holiday events without pushing and crashing, and confidence in your skills to execute that plan
  • have let go of any guilt or worries about how you might be judged when you have to say no
  • be ready to masterfully deal with any emotions about what you may have to miss out on
  • be ready to enjoy the holiday season peacefully, trusting yourself to survive without it damaging your wellbeing
  • feel confindent in expressing your needs and holding your boundaries

The first lesson will be accessible on Saturday 26th of October and each lesson will be added weekly after that, until then you will only see the titles.

Group coaching takes place Wednesdays 4pm UK time (8am pacific, 11am Eastern)

A special holiday boundaries workshop will take place Sunday 20th November at 4pm (recording will be available)