Thriving with Ease and Joy

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Ongoing membership programme with weekly support, guiding and inspiring you to thrive despite long term health issues, finding ease and joy in the life you have.

Are you ready to leave struggling and striving behind you and really start loving the life that you have? Have you had enough of putting life on hold until you are better?

When I look back at what life was like before I really learned to thrive, I remember feeling as though I had to work hard at my wellbeing, I had to be consistant. It was a constant struggle to stay on top of things, and when I didn’t get it right, the crashes were long a miserable.

Life looks very different for me now. I no longer force myself to keep up with all my self-help for fear of slipping backwards, now I find it easy to do only what feels right and aligned to my needs in the moment. It’s no longer a struggle, I can let it be easy. And the most amazing thing is, I’ve not had a dip that’s lasted more that a couple of days for 18 months or more, even when I moved house! This is what I call thriving with ease and joy!

Would you like to join a group of other spoonies working together to let life be easy and thrive?

Click the enroll in this group button above (in the banner below the picture), if this sounds like you….

  • You have basic illness management skills and are ready to move beyond living with illness, towards thriving despite it
  • You’re ready to find more freedom, ease, joy and playfulness in your life
  • You understand that your happiness and peace are key aspects to your wellbeing
  • You want to bring more love and expansion to the world and enjoy a sense of purpose
  • You’ve let go of wanting to get your old life back
  • You value a sense of wellness over a sense of how much you can do
  • You want to bring more creativity and abundance into your life
  • You are ready to experiment with how your spiritual-self ties in with creating wellness

If you’d like a 10 minute chat to find out if this porgramme is really for you please use my contact form to send me a message with some times you might be available in the next few days (remember to include the timezone you live in!)

What’s involved?

To be able to make a real transformation you do need to be able to invest a little bit of your time and energy, but as you know by now, I’m all about letting it be easy!

Every week you will be get access to a short video lesson (less than 15 minutes) that you can watch in your own time. There will also be a short wellbeing practice to support your development (about 5 mins a day) and journaling questions to help you make the most of the experience and consolidate your learning (up to 10 mins a day). There will also be a weekly, live, 60-min zoom session, alternating a support group session with a coaching/mentoring session. These sessions take place alternative Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 4pm UK time (8am pacific, 11am Eastern). All sessions are recorded if you can’t make them live.

Before enroling please ensure that you have read and are in agreement with the terms and conditions for using this website and my coaching services:

Here are a few testimonials:

I have been unwell with CFS since 2010 and didn’t start my journey towards holistic healing in earnest until 2019. I joined 2 programs and made some progress but remained stuck. After 2 months in your program I have made more progress than I did in 15 months at the last one, and I was so desperate I was spending $500 a month. I can’t believe how affordable your program is. I know you do it as a. Act of Love and I am So grateful.”  Gin


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything over the past 2.5 ish years. I discovered you when I was at my most unwell and really struggling with the emotional impact of chronic illness. My whole world was upside down and I was definitely grieving, and your help came at just the right time.

I feel a lot better equipped to cope with the challenges of ME, thanks to your wonderful support and the group’s. From my point of view, feeling ready to leave the group is a sign of how well it has equipped me – it has ‘worked’ and I feel a lot more at peace and able to manage.”  Hannah


Julie is a brilliant, caring, funny holistic coach. I can highly recommend her courses. Jane


The magic of group sessions super charges your learning as you learn from others experience Lorraine


Why now?

The most important answer to that questions is that the sooner you start, the sooner your life will begin to unfold with ease, the sooner you’ll find your days filled with love, joy and purpose along with your replenishing peace!

When does it start?

You can start at any time but if you’d like to be following the modules at the same time as other members of the programme use my contact form to ask me when the next module begins.

Why  choose me as your guide?

One of the reasons I see myself as a thriver is that I am able to get a sense of satisfaction, ease, joy and wellness no matter what lifes circumstances throw at me. At times I have been relatively functional as I have thrived, but I have also thrived when I’ve been more or less housebound. I’ve spent years of my life learning how to do this, and now I want to help you find the smoothest, easiest route to get there!

If you’re in the UK contact me HERE to pay by standing order instead of monthly card payments.