Your Views on How Coaching Could Help with ME/CFS

Today I’m writing to ask for your help. I’m planning on writing (and delivering) an affordable group coaching program to help people take their lives back from ME/CFS. I have a clear idea about what I think could be a part of the program, but I’d like to hear how you think you could benefit from such a program.  I want to design a program that will truly meet your needs. I’ll also do my best to address these issues in future blog posts.
  • What do you struggle with the most?
  • What are your biggest challenges?
  • What has been the most difficult thing to come to terms with?
  • What are you most worried about?
  • What skills might you need to learn that would help you manage this illness better and live a more fulfilling life?
  • What do you want the most?
  • How might you benefit from a coaching program?
I’d be really grateful for any feedback/ideas either through my comments section below or by email ( Any of you who have been following me on twitter will have noticed I’ve already started to ask these questions. If you are on Skype, let me know by email if you’d be willing to be interviewed about what you’d like out of a coaching program.  I’ll offer a 10% discount voucher to the first 6 people I get to interview on the subject. (For various logistical reasons I am unlikely to start such a program before September of this year.)
To get you thinking here are some of my thoughts:
Coaching could cover 4 main areas:
  1. Illness management-damage limitation: e.g. identifying and avoiding what makes your condition worse; learning to live within your energy limits; relaxed effortlessness.
  2. Illness management-optimising conditions for healing: coaching to optimise sleep, diet, movement, meditation
  3. Dealing with the emotional impact: dealing with loss; coping with other people’s attitudes; copings with anxiety and low mood; challenging limiting beliefs.
  4. Cultivating happiness and fulfilment: learning new low-energy ways of being happy; rebuilding self-esteem and reconnecting to your core being; identifying your unique talents that don’t depend on high energy;  future planning and goal setting.
Please bear in mind that at this stage these are just thoughts. This will be a work in progress. Would this kind of program appeal to you? What would you be willing to pay for?

2 thoughts on “Your Views on How Coaching Could Help with ME/CFS”

  1. I think it is an excellent idea, after finally being diagnosed I felt frustrated by the lack of support from the healthcare professionals and wanted to find out how to help myself. I still do, I find practical things hard – 3 children are not conducive to pacing and resting! You are right to include coping with loss and the emotional effects. Good luck with your planning


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