A New Beginning

This is my very first post from my new website and as such marks a new beginning for me today. Although this has all been many months in the making, I see the launch of my new website as the beginning of a new life: A life where I hope to support myself and flourish by offering myself up to the world in a way that doesn’t threaten my health.

There are two very important values for me: being true to yourself and sustainability. Firstly I believe that we all have unique gifts and talents to offer the world. I also believe that when we are freely expressing our inner nature, our energy flows with ease. I think it’s important for everyone to be able to express their inner nature and live with integrity with their heartfelt values. It’s not just a moral imperative though, it’s also important to our health! When we have limited energy we need to find ways of being that avoid tension and stress, pushing and forcing, and the only way to do that is to be true to our inner nature.

As much as I value sustainability on an environmental level, I also value it on a human level. We each need to learn how to find ways of expressing our true selves that are sustainable: ways that can stand up to life’s challenges.  For me, this illness is a reminder that my previous way of being was not sustainable. I believe that we each need to find ways of being that are able to adapt to the physical and emotional challenges that are thrown at us. We need to find ways of being that allow us to express our true nature without impacting negatively on our health.

My passion and purpose now is to help others do all that. I want to help people with chronic illness find a way to be true to themselves and live the best life they possibly can.

That’s why I’ve been studying as a life coach. That’s why I’m starting my own business. Although I want to find a sustainable way of living, which means earning money from expressing my inner nature, I also want to continue giving for free where I can. So I’m giving away a 21 day Basic Breathing Techniques and Meditation Starter Kit.  I believe that we can all benefit from attempting to engage our parasympathetic nervous system on a regular basis. (See the sign up box to the right of this page).  I will also continue writing my blog in the hope that I can help many more of you, even in a small way. I believe that every little improvement adds up.

My free initial consultations are an opportunity for you learn about whether you could really benefit from coaching, and whether we would be a good fit. Mostly they are an opportunity for you get clear about how you would like to change your life and what’s been getting in your way up to now. There’s absolutely no obligation to sign up for coaching. Part of the reason I’m offering them free is I’d like to get to know more about the way you see your challenges so that I can more effectively plan a more affordable group coaching program. So if you feel as though you would like to make changes to your life, please book an appointment even if you’re not considering individual coaching for now!

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