Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation Foundation Skills for Overcoming Chronic Illness

Monday’s and Thursdays for 4 weeks from 4th April*

Less frequent headaches; more settled sleep; better digestion; hot flushes almost completely disappeared; more self-compassion; easier to relax; speaking with a more balanced temper; and feeling more calm, peaceful, aware, awake, energised and light-hearted. These are the benefits reported by previous students on this course!

You’ll learn how to establish a regular practice and develop the meditation, mindfulness and relaxation skills that will promote your healing and improve your illness management. There are 4 more places available at a 25% discount with this code: DM6R9NQC if you book by the 2nd of April

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As well as the twice weekly live classes the course includes access to ongoing support through a private facebook group. There are also 21 days worth of different recorded meditations posted daily to the facebook page.

If you’ve tried meditation before but never succeeded, the intensive support of this course will get you over all your obstacles! Check out my testimonials page to find out more about what past student have got out of it!

Watch my FREE introduction class if you would like to find out more about whether it could really help you!

*No class Thurs 14th April, it will be held Friday 15th instead.

5 thoughts on “Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation Foundation Skills for Overcoming Chronic Illness”

  1. The meditation helps me to wind down, however stressed I am. The deep breathing seems to be helping my digestion and because of the mindful walking exercise I go outside more and I really like it. Another practise I learnt helps me to connect to our shared universal connection.

    The best thing about the course was it got me meditating again! I was so demotivated before. I love being able to do something that has an immediate positive effect on my energy levels.

    For anybody who is hesitant about taking this course I would say “If this course sounds like something that appeals to you, please try it out, it is fun to work with a supportive group and Julie is a great, warmth bringing teacher. The material and website used for the seminar are of great quality, and the interaction on the Facebook page is fun!”

    Julie is a very approachable, uplifted and non-judgmental teacher. She isn’t too high up in the clouds when it comes to spirituality, which makes the material more accessible. I liked how everything felt very open, like ‘just see what it does’, nothing too strict or forced. Her guidance was easy to follow.

  2. Since taking this course my headaches are less intense and frequent and when they do come I can accept, relax and recover more quickly and with less drug intervention. Also by using the relaxation recordings to get my body in a good place to sleep, my sleep is more settled, although not yet without meds.

    I now have a daily meditation practice established and am able to be much more aware generally.  Being able to notice when I am not in the moment and always on auto pilot and in doing mode, means I can do something about it and slow myself down.

    The best things about the course have been how much I have learned and enjoying being in the group, especially the chatting \ sharing achievements on the facebook page.

    If you’re thinking about doing this course I’d say ‘don’t miss the opportunity, it is really helpful and rewarding!’

    Julie understands the challenges when living with limited energy and difficult pain levels and can adapt accordingly.  She was a calming presence in the g

  3. I enjoyed Julies Mindfulness-and-Relaxation-Foundation-Skills Online Course a lot : )
    Over the course of 4 weeks I could finally established a solid habit of daily meditation. Additional to the 8 LIVE-sessions with awareness practices and meditations, Julie provided us with a \”21-days meditation starter kid\” which I loved using. It taught me different types of awareness practices and meditations, so I can now choose what kind of meditation would support my current mood or tasks on hand most and I now move through my days more aware, awake and peaceful.
    So, if you feel like there is too much stuff going on in your head, stressing you out, like you \”can\’t make a pause\”, rushing through your days with not actually \”being here\” – I highly recommend taking Julies Meditation Course.
    Have a great day, Gesa

  4. ‘’I signed up to this course hoping to learn how to be more present in everyday living and learn some techniques to enhance and prioritise quality rest and relaxation. I also wanted to learn how to meditate, as I’m quite a novice to this practice. I wanted to learn how to take a step back when I noticed I was getting stressed or feeling anxious. Ultimately, I was hoping to get a little bit of control over the self-management of living with a chronic illness. It exceeded all my expectations and more.

    The course has helped to keep me more mentally grounded, avoid overthinking and manage my stress. It’s also influenced me in a more holistic way by encouraging me to take better care of myself generally.

    When I began the course I was fully committed in trying new techniques, but I actually surprised myself that I completed all the daily meditations as I thought that would be the most challenging for me to keep up.

    I’ve really enjoyed participating in the group, it’s been a very positive and valuable experience. It’s also given me the opportunity to meet others who face the same daily challenges that I do. It’s been a pleasure offering and receiving support from everyone involved on the course.

    Julie is a very genuine, warm and inspiring lady. She’s got a lovely personality and a calming, uplifting voice. I think she put everyone at ease and created an atmosphere that’s safe, comfortable and equal. She’s very approachable and gave everyone the opportunity to interact, if and when they chose. I think she put an enormous amount of care, preparation and effort into the course material, which she passionately believes in and lives by.

    This course offers a great opportunity to invest in yourself by learning about the health benefits of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation. It’s a very relaxed and informal way of learning new techniques and practices in an upbeat and fun atmosphere.’’


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