Healthier Mince Pie Recipe

GLUTEN FREE / NO ADDED SUGAR:  Part 2 The pastry and the pies

Since I discovered how easy it is to make great pastry in a food processor there has been no turning back. I have to admit that this pastry could be even more minimally irritating by using a non-dairy spread, but I like to splurge a little at Christmas so I allow my self to use butter. I also have to give a warning that the flour I use is not guaranteed to be gluten free because of cross pollination issues, but I find that trace isn’t a problem for me, and I tolerate this wholemeal flour better than any of the more processed gluten free flours that tend to have a higher glycemic load. If you are diagnosed coeliac, or know that you don’t tolerate trace levels of gluten substitute another guaranteed gluten free flour!


Blend the flour, almonds salt and butter on high speed until they form a consistency of fine bread crumbs (2).

At a lower speed gradually add the egg (3).

When it starts to form a dough take it out of the processor and lightly knead it (4).

Cut circles with a large cutter and fill a pie tin making sure there is enough dough to cut the stars for the top… I don’t put complete lids on my mince pies because there’s more faffing about, worrying about how much filling you put in and sealing the lids (5).

Place the pastry bases in each of the pie tin holes an fill with a generous teaspoon of your home made mincemeat. Place the stars over the top and glaze with the leftover egg at the bottom of whatever you used to beat it up in!(6).

Healthier mince pie recipe ingredientsBake at 190 degrees C for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.

I found this recipe made enough pastry for 18 mince pies,  using just over half of the mincemeat I made in my previous recipe. They freeze well if, like me, you need to avoid the temptation of eating too many at once!

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