Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Spicy Bean Burgers

These are a particular favourite of mine. They are not only easy to knock together fast, but can be cooked on the griddle pan without any oil so are relatively low fat. They are also Gluten Free, Dairy Free and very Low GI. I like spicy food, but if it isn’t to your taste or it disagrees with you, miss out the chilli and use a smaller amount of mild curry powder. (Check your brand of curry powder is gluten free, some companies use a gluten containing anticoagulant in theirs). I use celery instead of onion in my cooking as the FODMAP in onion seems to irritate me more.

  1. Ingredients (makes 4-6 depending on the size)
  • 450 gm tin kidney beans (drained and rised)
  • 75 gm ground almonds
  • 75 gm ground mixed seeds (linseed, pumpkin, sunflower, hemp)
  • 1 stick celery (use half an onion instead if you prefer)
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • fresh chilli to your taste (I used 1/4 of the chilli pictured)
  • 1 tsp mild curry powder
  • 1/2 tsp dried oregano
  • sprinkle of tamari sauce
  • salt to taste

2. Finely chop the chilli, celery and red pepper.

3. Grind up 75 gm worth of mixed seeds. I use a mixture of linseed, pumpkin seed, hemp seed and sunflower seed to get a nice mix of flavour and essential fatty acids. Combine with 75 gm of ground almonds.

4. Saute (for about 5 minutes) or microwave covered (for about 1.5 mins) the vegetables in a little olive oil with the curry powder and a pinch of salt, until soft. hen add a splash of tamari sauce and stir.

5. Add the drained and rinsed kidney beans and roughly mash together.

6. Add the seed and almond mix, the oregano and a pinch of salt to taste.

7. Mix up all the ingredient. I use a fork to help mash them all together.

8. Split the mixture into the number of burgers you want. It will make between 4  large and 6 small burgers. Roll into balls  in your hands and then flatten into burger shapes. Cook on the griddle pan on low to medium heat for about 4 minutes on each side. (They can also be baked or fried).

I’ll eat them with a plate of vegetables for a main meal or with salad for a snack. Sometimes I’ll even have them with an egg for  high protein breakfast to start the day well!

4 thoughts on “Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Spicy Bean Burgers”

  1. I’d like to try Baking to save on effort, perhaps in the toaster oven. How long to bake them and what heat? Must they be flipped? Can they be frozen in uncooked form?

    • Hi JJ,

      I brush them with a little oil when baking to help them crisp up. I’m pretty sure that I’ve frozed these raw before. I ‘d bake for 30 minutes raw or 45 from frozen.

  2. Thanks, and
    1) do you think 450 gm tin beans is equal to 540ml can in North America?
    2) Are the almonds and seeds raw? ie unsalted and unroasted

    • I think ml and gm are suposed to be equivalent, so your tins might be 20% bigger than UK tins> If it seems a bit wet when you put it all together, you could try adding 20% to the dry ingredients to balance it up. Yes the almonds and seeds are both raw (unroasted and unsalted).


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