FREE online workshops: 8 Steps to Taking Back More Control

Wednesday 18th and Sunday 22nd of April at 4pm UK (5pm CEST; 11am EDT)

Dealing with an energy limiting chronic illness can be overwhelming, we all want to live the best life we can but just how do we get there? Discover the 8 Steps you can take to a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life. A life where you are in control rather than your illness controlling you!

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This year I’m splitting this workshop into two parts so that I can share the steps with you in more detail. In Wednesday’s workshop I’ll give an overview of the 8 steps and explore strategies to achieve steps 1-4 in more detail, inspiring you with a structure for how you can move forward. Sunday’s workshop will detail steps 5 – 8.

If you can’t join me live I’ll post a recording to my YouTube channel and share it on my Facebook page a couple of hours after the event, but if you can make it, I’d love to meet you. I always seem to be able to share so much more when attendance is high and people are asking me questions!

Previous attendees said:

‘Very helpful – not to be missed: The 8 steps has such helpful and realistic ways to help you deal with CFS/ME and I feel much more positive about how I can progress with my recovery. Worth attending’ Caroline

Loved it: Really enjoyed the class and learning new and helpful things’ Sue

 ‘Excellent support for chronic fatigue: I enjoyed the class and got plenty of good inspiration and practical advice for dealing with the challenges of chronic fatigue syndrome. Thank you Julie’ Shelley

Great Course and Excellent Tutor!!: Really useful tips for helping to manage a chronic illness. Thank you!!‘ Helen

A great summary: looking forward to going through it all more slowly in the 11-week course’ Rhoda

Helpful and inspiring: What is very helpful for me is that Julie gives words to what I think and feel in a way I can’t do myself.’ Anne-Marie

Learned a lot in this class: Great class full of helpful information.’ Sharon

Enjoyable, informative and supportive: It was great despite technical difficulties. Well structured, supportive, enjoyable. Thanks.’ Nikki

‘8 steps to taking back control from chronic illness: loved every minute of it learned a lot!’Margie

Inspiring: Julie truly knows what she is talking about.’ Al Ma

‘Hope for CFS sufferers: It’s always uplifting to see someone with CFS- a condition that has changed my life completely and left me basically housebound- speak with hope and from a position of some recovery. I don’t care if I never get 100% well, but I would be happy to be able to walk a few miles again, and do some yoga. Those now seem to be reasonable goals, and Julie has given me some tools I can use to perhaps achieve them, if I go slowly, patiently, and mindfully. Looking forward to the journey’ Pamela

‘8 steps: I found this class very informative and easy to follow. I’ve been finding it a struggle recently with my health, this class has given me a nudge in the right direction to start managing my CFS better. I also like the fact that Julie really understands CFS and the detail is there….’ Helena

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